Grand Theft Auto – Close to Reality of Criminal Life

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Grand Theft Auto is video game that is full of action, adventure and danger. The GTA video game series has been released on many multiple interfaces and gaming platforms that range from the PC, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PSP, GBC, DC, PSP, GBA, android and iphone devices. Game Developer DMA Design started the series of GTA in 1997 to 2014 with eleven stand alone games and four expansion packs.

GTA has broken many worldwide records, including having the majority of guest stars in a game series, largest soundtrack and biggest character voices cast in any video game franchise. The player of the game plays his role as a criminal in a big city and the story of this game surrounded around various missions that are set for completion by the head crime boss of the underworld city. However the fictional modeled cities almost look real as the locations of cities in the United States. Cities like New York (Liberty City), Los Angeles (San Andreas), Florida (Vice City) and others are displayed with each new series of the GTA game in a very beautiful and realistic type of environment for the player. The GTA series are often called “Sandbox Games” which grants freedom to the player by choosing multiple methods of weapons and transportation. The GTA series of video games are commercially successful games in the franchises history, having sold more than 150 million units all around the world. GTA fans cannot get enough with each new game that comes out.

Plot Area of Grand Theft Auto

  • Liberty City

The player of the GTA game starts in Liberty City and he begins his work for the criminal Seragliano’s gang that is run by Robert Buddy. The player in the game completes numerous jobs such as stealing taxis, cars and motor bikes. You can even take money away from people by killing them. The player can steals taxis to use in missions where you can murder an LCPD police chief and lawyer of the rival Sonetti gang through car bombing. In the story a man called Don Sonetti contacts the player and asks about a double crossing scenario. He warns him that if he commits this mistake again, the players character will be killed.

  • Heist Almighty

The player in this GTA game can do numerous jobs to complete each level. You’ll receive a call from Bubby about some sort of kidnapping of Sasha who is the bosses puppy. You can then select the option to free her. The player can then kill Sonetti to complete the mission. After completing the mission, Bubby meets the players character and gives the player some very good remarks that he has done a really good job.

Gameplay in Grand Theft Auto

The GTA series video game has various levels and each level in the game is set in three cities. The player has numerous missions in each level that you must complete. The player gets a number of points and five lives after completing each mission task. The player can earn points by committing various crimes all throughout the game, such as ramming other cars can earn you (10 points each), and by killing police officers which will give you (1,000 points) respectively. The bigger and more serious the crime you make, the more points you get, but you’ll also be in trouble by the police in which you will wanna pay close attention to as you play this classic game. Another way to make money in GTA is to steal cars, and sell them at the many docks areas around each of the cities that you’re playing in.

Displayed Graphics in Grand Theft Auto

Three dimensional (3D) technologies have been used in all of the series games of GTA. The use of Live Recorded Video Games of 3D model techniques in these games is enough to create a beautiful atmosphere of pure carnage. There’s Two Dimensional (2D) models that has been used for the animated view. Most people should consider that GTA, GTA II, GTA III and other GTA video games are two Dimensional games (2D). Sometimes it looks like a 2D perspective from the top down type outlook in most features of the games, including the vehicles and other pedestrians consist of 2D techniques. Whereas the player in the game can see all sides of the building very clearly which is the result of the 3D fly technique. Talk about God Mode.

Introduction of Grand Theft Auto 2

Grand Theft Auto 2 was released on multiple video gaming platforms such as the Dreamcast, Game Boy Color, PlayStation and PC. The PC version of GTA 2 was launched by Rockstar. This game is set in a vast city. The character of the game is Claude Speed. He has one mission to become the lord of the city by using any unfair means to his advantages. The story of the game moves around this singular character. Day and night mode has been used in the game in a very efficient and majestic manner. This story also expands later on in the video game that really bolstered the start of the GTA series revolution, GTA III.

Introduction of Grand Theft Auto III

GTA III was released in 2001. This great game brought on the new graphical and technical heights which launched the GTA series as a hot selling gaming brand. It was the most popular game due to its style and unique gameplay. It is also full of blood, guts and carnage. The game displays the point of view of Liberty City and the player will be amazed by the 3D effects. The Live Recorded Video Games player of this classic game plays the role as an anonymous character who robbed the bank with his girlfriend but she deceives him after the heist. In the story of the game, he is arrested, convicted and was sentenced to 10 years in a Federal Prison (for love). The player will then escape and will later take part in working as a criminal who will work for different criminal gangs and corrupt political figures around Liberty City. The player can use any unfair means to accomplish each mission task. GTA III was mostly criticized by mass media due to violence. GTA allows the player to kill police officers, old people, prostitutes, politicians, film stars, other criminal gang figures and almost pretty much anything else that moves in this diabolical classic game. The player can even rob people to get money, cars and motor bikes from the pedestrians riding in or on their vehicles. Anything goes in this game. It will keep the player busy for hours and has a very good storyline throughout the game.

Introduction of Grand Theft Auto IV

GTA IV returns us back towards Liberty City. It is the most detailed version of GTA. Advanced gaming technology has been used in the GTA IV game which consists of Rockstar’s new, revamped RAGE engine and technology related to the Euphoria physics and motion. Niko Bellic travels to liberty City in search of the American Dream as an immigrant from Eastern Europe. When he arrives in Liberty City, he finds out in a letter that was sent to him by his family relative, Roman. Roman explained to in his letter to Niko that the easiness of life in The West that includes lots of money and luxuries are what makes life in Liberty City a dream come true. But Niko Bellic is in for a rude awakening early on in the beginning of the game when Roman brings Niko back to his apartment. Later, Niko Bellic will be sent out on a mission to erase his past that torments him.

Introduction of Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V takes the player back toward the city of Los Santos, where (Grand Theft Auto San Andreas) takes place. There are three main characters which are present in the story of this game, Michael who is the family father, Trevor who is a conniving drug addict and Franklin who hopes to someday make it in the big city. As you progress through the game. All three of these characters will meet up as a group to deal with each other for their own personal issues or individually. The game has multiphase missions and all characters of the game can work together to pull of big scores, or (Heist Missions). The graphics techniques that are used in GTA V is enough to catch the attention of any GTA fan. You can play this video game for hours on end and there’s always something to do on the side.

Grand Theft Auto Cheats, Codes and Unlockables

You can enter one of the codes as a player name. There are some codes with multiple features that can be used in combinations. First, enter the code and after its acceptances, you can enter another code. For this purpose go to Rename and after it enter another code to unlock one of the features below.

For all weapons enter “GROOVY” as a player name

For Game music enter insert the CD in a CD player to listen the music track 2

For more points such as 9,999,990, enter “WEYHEY” as a player name.

For 5x multiplier enter “EXCREMENT” as a player name.

For display coordinates enter “BLOWME” as a player name.

For maximum level enter “EATTHIS” as a player name for wanted level.

For all cities enter “CHUFF” as a player name.

If want to skip the city enter “WEYHEY” as a player name.

For Liberty City (1 and 2) enter “FECK” as a player name.

For 99 lives enter “SATANLIVES” as a player name.

For level selection enter “SKYBABIES” as a player name to select for level up to Mandarin Mayhem.

Grand Theft Auto Cheat Codes with Multiple Features

For all levels, all weapons in the game, infinite ammunition, 99 lives, armor, get out of prison, card, and display coordinate, maximum wanted level ,5x multiplier, for this purpose enter “BSTARD” as a player name.

Enter “THESHIT” all weapons in the game, infinite ammunition, 99 lives, armor, get out of prison, card, maximum wanted level and 5x multiplier.

For all levels, all weapons, infinite ammunition, armor, card, and get out of prison, enter “MADEMAN” as a player name.

You can enter “GROOVY” as a player name for all weapons, infinite ammunition; get out of prison, armor and card.

Enter “PECKINPAH” as a player name for the purpose of all weapons, armor, card, and get out of prison.

For all levels, all weapons money enter “HANGTHEDJ” as a player name.

DMA Design of Grand Theft Auto

The DMA Design of Grand Theft was released on the PC and it was ported to the PlayStation by another developer. There were some problems that needed to be fixed in this game, such as 2D perspectives and the ability to get into any car was one of the major focuses. The character of the game makes his way by criminal ranks in three imaginary cities within the United States. DMA Design was bought by Gremlin Interactive. In the 1990’s DMA Design released Wild Metal for the GTA 2 use for the PC, Dreamcast and PlayStation. There are various controversies are present on the display of the GTA game due to the violence and illegal criminal activities within the game, but this controversy has become the sponsor to the success of this game and the future of the franchise.

Grand Theft Auto Soundtrack

Radio ’76 FM
Genre: Funk
Ghetto Fingers – (on the move)
Ashtar – “Aori”
Stylus Exodus – (pootang shebang)
Brooklyn FM for Underground
Genre: Trance
Retrograde – (Benzoate)
Government Listening – (E104)
Trancefer – (Figiwhiz)
The Fix FM
Genre: Techno
Centre of Animal Testing – (DSP)
Rotorman – (Ride)
Technophiliak – (Lagerstar)
Head Radio FM
Genre: Pop/Rock
Bubble Reality – (Days Like)
Meme Traders – (Automatic Transmission)
Ohjaamo – (Complications)
Unleashed FM
Genre:  Hard rock
Stikki Finger – (4 Letter Love)
The Hounds – (Let It Out)
Bleeding base – (Just Do It)
Genre: Hip hop/Rap
Da Shootaz – (GTA)
Slumpussy – (This Life)
CCC Featuring Robert DeNegro – (Blow Your Console)

If you still have your old PlayStation gaming console laying somewhere around your home. Why not play GTA when you’re feeling bored? This game is what started a still popular franchise series and GTA is still a classic for fans of the GTA series to this day.

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