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Grand Theft Auto 2 is an action and adventure video game developed by DMA. This game was published by Rockstar in 1999 for PC and the playstation. Early 3D graphics technology was adopted for this game to make it more exciting and fun to play for all GTA fans. But the Grand Theft Auto 2 gamplay did not shift to the third person. Grand Theft Auto 2 is a most popular game having a similar top down style to the original Grand Theft Auto 1 game with enhanced graphics and mechanics. The story of the game moves around a criminal character who can freely wander anywhere around the city on foot or by different vehicles. This was the last video game of the Grand Theft Auto series for the PlayStation 1 console in which strict top down camera technology has ever been used. This game was imported to the Dreamcast video game console and Game Boy Color device. Grand Theft Auto 2 received different reactions but it was commercially the most successful video game worldwide.

What’s The Plot Grand Theft Auto 2?

Well, The plot area around Grand Theft Auto 2 revolves around the games storyline that consists on the main character Claude Speed. He takes part in criminal activities in the Grand Theft Auto 2 game and he sure can create tons of violations along the way. There are many plots the Grand Theft Auto 2 video game that are present in the storyline and each plot has numerous missions that the user must complete to advanced more later missions and to even advance the GTA 2 storyline.

What is The Gameplay of Grand Theft Auto 2 Like?

This Live Recorded Video games action gameplay of GTA 2 takes place anywhere in the city which is actually divided into 3 main sectors such as commercial, industrial and residential areas. Claude speed is the main character of the GTA video game. There are also three gangs in the game that are involved in numerous criminal activities. The bosses of these gangs are the one’s who give the mission details to the player via the payphones. The player can acquire maximum wanted levels in each district in order to make later missions in the GTA 2 game even more complicated.

Gangs of Grand Theft Auto 2

What makes any Grand Theft Auto video game successful is the types of gangs in each game of the Grand Theft Auto Series games in series. GTA is no exception as gangs have an important role in the sequel to the first ever Grand Theft Auto video game. The presence of gangs in this game makes the story more interesting. Each gang is represented by a criminal gang leader and they too will offer the players character missions objectives that the player must complete in order to progress further into the storyline of GTA 2.

Let us take a look at the criminal gangs that Claude Speed will have to deal with while venturing throughout the city in GTA 2:

  • Zaibatsu Corporation (Yellow Z Symbol): This gang appears in all areas of the game and is a legitimate corporation who manufacture cars, weapons and everything, but this corporation runs illegal underground activities and they are also involved in narcotics and contract killings. Not good! They even attack the player with dual pistols and machine guns. They use rocket launchers in the residential district. Watch out!
  • Loonies is the gang with (Winking Smiley Face Symbols): This gang is from the downtown district. They use the micro car to hit their targets mark. They hang around the vicinity of the city’s mental institution in Montrose.
  • The Yakuza is the gang with (Blue Yen ¥ Symbol): they appear in the first areas of the game. They deal in drugs at the so-called J-Lab industries. The name of their boss is Johnny Zoo and the name of their car is the Miara.
  • SRS scientist is another gang with (A Golden Shield Symbol): They are headquartered in the residential area. Their business is the development of advanced weapon genetics engineering, cloning and robotics etc. Their car is the Meteor and they can upgrade their weapons from machine guns to flamethrowers.
  • Redneck is a gang with the (Confederate Flag Symbol): they appear in the secord area and they focus on vehicles. The car of this gang is the wide pickup truck and they use weapons from Machine guns to Molotov cocktails to mow down the player.
  • Hare Krishna is another gang with (An Orange Follower Symbol): they appear in the third areas and they have a car called the (Karma bus) which has flowers painted on the roof. The weapons they use are the Molotov cocktails and Flamethrowers.
  • Russian mafia is a gang in GTA 2 with the (A Red Star Symbol): they appear in the third areas, they work as a contract killer. They use the Bulwark a wagon as a car that is very durable because this can survive from the rocket hit and hand grenade. They use the weapon from Shotguns to Machine guns.

What is the Grand Theft Auto 2 Graphics Like in this Video Game?

GTA 2 the Live Recorded Video games has adopted early three Dimensional (3D) graphical technology in the series for the playstation and PC. The Grand Theft Auto 2 gameplay graphics has the top down viewpoint technology. 3D effects in this game display the flat dynamic camera zooming, smooth rotation, headlamps of car type technology, roof lighting of emergency vehicles, lightning effects and even flat rotation grpahics etc.

Grand Theft Auto 2’s Rockstar North

Rockstar North Limited is a developer of PC and video games. They developed Grand Theft Auto series video games such as Grand Theft Auto (Vice city); Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto (San Andreas) all are absolutely top selling and hot GTA games that has been made for other different gaming consoles like the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The Rockstar North Company has produced 33 total games under the Rockstar North banner and Rockstar North is well known world wide to fans of the GTA video gaming series.

Cheats, Codes & Unlockables for Grand Theft Auto 2

If you are a type of video gamer that does not care about playing Grand Theft Auto 2 legitely for challenge. Then here’s a list breakdown of the in-game cheats you can use to breeze through the game for fun. The choice is really up to the player. In the Cheat Option. Just enter in the following cheat codes to activate the cheat during gameplay to get the required cheat effect that you want. These GTA 2 cheat codes are provided for PlayStation console players and not the PC.

Level Select (ITSALLUP)

Invincibility (LIVELONG)

Turbo Mode (IGNITION)

No Police (LOSEFEDS)

All Weapons (NAVARONE)

Display Coordinates (WUGGLES)

Maximum Wanted Level (DESIRES)

5x Multiplier (HIGHFIVE)

Debug Basic Scripts (NOFRILLS)

Get 10,000,000 Points (BIGSCORE)

Unlimited Cash (IAMPLAYA)

Get $500,00 (MUCHCASH)

Grand Theft Auto 3 was the next sequel after GTA 2 that really brought Rockstar North into the heart of the GTA series. So whenever you’re feeling bored and want to break out a classic PlayStation video game. You can always play Grand Theft Auto 2 to brighten your mood before moving on to the other hot selling Grand Theft Auto video games of the series. Relive your roots as a GTA fan with this game and have some fun this weekend playing family and friends.

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