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God of War is an action game that is full of thrill and adventure. It was released on March 22nd, 2005 by Santa Monica of Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable consoles. Greek Methodology has been used in the game which has created a fantasy of Ancient Greek characters to make it more wonderful on bloody combat. The story of the game moves around the character of gods of a man named Kratos who works in the service of the gods as a punishment because he committed a horrific murder of his wife and child. Later on this person was selected by the gods to kill Ares by obtaining Pandora’s Box and takes his place as the new God of War. A premastered version of this game was released in the United States in 2009 with the God of War collection on the PlayStation 3. This version of the premastered God of War game consists of 2X anti aliasing and 720p resolution at 60 frames per second. The God of War video game has received many awards such as Game of the Year from the “Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences”. There is no doubt that 4.6 million copies of the God of War game was selling all over the world due to its outstanding gameplay, thrill and perfect visuals effects.

Plot Area of the God of War Video Game

Kratos is a spartan solider and works in the service to the gods in God of War. But throughout the God of War game it’s exposed that Kratos’s character as a captain in the Spartan military. He is loyal of his gods. When he confronted a military of barbarian attackers, they overwhelmed him. Kratos then prayed to Ares, the God of War and Ares replied to Kratos in a very efficient and dutiful manner. Ares bounds Kratos to the Blades of Chaos. When Kratos returned back to the battle against the barbarian army, he decapitates the barbarian King and Ares defeats the Barbarian army. Kratos’s wife and child were accidentally killed by Kratos due to the dirty tricks of Ares who wanted to make Kratos a better solider. Kratos’s commitment to Ares and the oracle of the temple threw a horrible curse upon Kratos and made his wife and child as the Ghost of Sparta. Kratos requested to Athena that he wanted to reassure his commitment to the gods. Athena replied back to him that Kratos should kill Ares to take his place as the new God of War. Only then will his request be fulfilled and his past sins could be forgiven. Kratos makes his journey to the city of Athens which was under the Ares. The oracle informed him that if he got Pandora’s Box then he can defeat the Ares by getting mortal power to kill a god. The Pandora’s Box was an actual temple that was on the back of gigantic Titan known as Cronos. Kratos climbs up to the temple for more than three days just to obtain Pandora’s Box. After obtaining the box, he then returns to Athens to kill Ares. After dying he falls down into the underworld. He comes in the search again with the help of a mysterious grave digger. Kratos obtains Pandora’s Box from Ares successfully. When Ares comes to know about Kratos’s plot, he puts his effort into defeating Kratos mentally as well as physically, but the Gods’s powers are with Kratos. He uses the ancient Blade of the Gods to kill Ares for the safeness of Athens. As Athena told Kratos that he will be forgiven for this past sins, but the memories of his family will not fade away from his mind. Athena grants him the Blades of Athena at Mount Olympus. At this stage Kratos becomes the new God of War.

Main Characters in God of War

  • Zeus is the king of gods: He is the king of all gods and rules with supreme power. Brother of Zeus rules over the seas and underworld. He is the lord of the sky and rain. He uses his power and wields thunderbolts at those who make him unhappy.
  • Athena is the daughter of Zeus: Athena is the daughter of Zeus. She is a very brave soldier. She rules over the city of Athens and she has very sharp and strong senses. She is very loyal to her father and Olympus.
  • Ares is the son of Zeus: Ares is the son of Zeus and Hera. He was disliked by his parents. He is the God of War and his animal is a dog of war.
  • Poseidon is the brother of Zeus: He is the brother of Zeus and rules over the seas. He brings the anger of the ocean upon those who displease him.
  • Hermes is the son of Zeus: He is the son of Zeus, he brings dreams and he is the god of travelers, literature and the inventor of fire. He works as the messenger of the gods who guides the souls.
  • Kratos is a Spartan solider: He is the Spartan solider who served Ares, and he is the most famous character of the God of War video game. He killed his wife and child. He sought revenge to defeat Ares and at the end as he becomes the new God of War.
  • Hades is the brother of Zeus: He is the brother of Zeus and lord Poseidon. He is the lord of the underworld and he is a greedy god.
  • Aphrodite is the daughter of Zeus: Aphrodite is the daughter of Zeus. She is a goddess of love and beauty. She possesses the great power to steal away the hearts of gods.
  • Cronos is the son of Zeus: He is the son of Gaia and Zeus. He was defeated by the gods in the Titan war. He was wandering through the desert for Pandora’s temple.
  • Gaia is the mother of titans: Gaia is the mother of all titans and the mighty Cyclops. Her character is the narrator of the game.
  • Perseus is a boss: He’s trapped in the temple of fates and he cannot escape from this temple. When Kratos goes there, Perseus tries to defeat him.
  • King and leader of the Barbarian army: He is the leader of the barbarian army. Kratos kills him when he received the Blades of Chaos.
  • Kraken is the sea monster: The Kraken shows in the game as a massive sea monster.

Gameplay in God of War

God of War is full of action, adventure and thrills. It’s gameplay is the same as the video games like Prince of Persia and Devil May Cry. The quick time events used by God of War for cinema attraction but it cannot slow down the actual gameplay. Some people don’t like the addition of Quick Time Events. They feel that it takes control away from the controllers grip functions, on the other hand, someone like the cinematic effects of the God of War series. Quick Time Events has become the most important factor in most of today’s God of War video games of the series.

Graphics Displayed in God of War

The God of War lighting in the game is very natural. The frame rate boost of God of War offers a solid difference in the softness of the game controls. These Live Recorded Video Games captures the God of War scenes content which is noticeable within the game, where as in God of War II the display media bar portion for video recording functions is displayed which is best for you to rewind and pause the video according to your recording needs. Visual effects use in the game are in HD, and the videos files are similar as before. The video output of the PlayStation 3 is better than the PS2 effects with the natural and eye-caching colors, but the movie and games environment has the natural difference of videos and gameplay. There are numerous collections which have been released with HD graphical upgrades in most video games. The PS2 video games were presented with the HD graphics treatment of effects and bundled on one disc for the God of War game collection.

God of War Ascension (PlayStation 3)

God of War: Ascension is the sixth game in the God of War series. It was released in 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and it serves as prequel to the God of War franchise. It is also the beginning story of Kratos who demands the powers of a God like Ares possesses. He was put in Prison by the Furies. It is his mission to commit murder and total destruction of the Furies for breaking the oath of Ares.

The Game God of War 2

God of War 2 was released for the PlayStation 2 in 2007. This new version consists on the continuing first game character Kratos after defeating Ares. Kratos possesses a new god like power that was obtained from Ares. Kratos now has the ability to guide the military of Greece for glory which is much more than other gods. When Zeus cheats him, Kratos escapes his fate and he takes revenge from the king of the gods.

The Game God of War 3

Live Recorded Video Games God of War III was released in 2010 for the PlayStation 3. This version of God of War includes the ending point of the story. Kratos is present in the game with his new arsenal of powers and with the aid of the Titans, Kratos goes forward towards Mt Olympus. In the final act he slays all of the gods as an act of his revenge against them.

Greek Mythology used in God of War

Greek methodology are used throughout the God of War video game series. Referenced most is the 12 Gods of Olympus. Ares is the son of Zeus and Hera according to Greek literature, he stands for the physical or violent wild features of war which compares to his sister whose name is armored Athena for having an intelligence type of power and he is a perfect military strategist. Kratos is the main character of the God of War story that devotes him in the services of gods but he was punished for committing murder of his wife and child. After that, Kratos participates in a battle field which was between the gods, he was the man who the Gods selected as the Spartan warrior who would take down Ares.

Soundtrack for God of War

The soundtrack for the God of War video was released including Sony’s music store and it is being used in the edition of God of War III as a bonus.

Track Listing:

  1. “Escape from madness” – (Gerard K. Marino) – 0:38
  2. “Vengeful spartan” – (Gerard K. Marino) – 1:21
  3. “Kratos and the Sea” – (Gerard K. Marino) – 2:21
  4. “Having a faith” – (Gerard K. Marino) – 1:21
  5. “Athens’s splendor” – (Mike Reagan) – 2:09
  6. “This city can become your grave” – (Gerard K. Marino) – 0:24
  7. “Athens destroys by Ares” – (Mike Reagan) – 1:13
  8. “The Cyclops” – (Mike Reagan) – 2:09
  9. “Battle of Athenian” – (Mike Reagan) – 3:07
  10. “For the Ruins” – (Winifred Phillips) – 2:02
  11. “Rooftops Fighting Athens” – (Gerard K. Marino) – 2:39
  12. “Oracle Challenge” – (Gerard K. Marino) – 1:35
  13. “Kratos’ past evil” – (Gerard K. Marino) – 2:01
  14. “Late” – (Gerard K. Marino) – 1:58
  15. “Bridge of Athena’s great sword” – (Gerard K. Marino) – 2:17
  16. “Oracle spoke” – (Gerard K. Marino) – 1:09
  17. “The Story Related to Chronos” – (Gerard K. Marino) – 1:17
  18. “Fight the Lethal Sirens” – (Mike Reagan) – 2:28
  19. “Pandora’s Temple” – (Ron Fish) – 0:36
  20. “The Cyclopes Attack” – (Ron Fish) – 1:42
  21. “The Mysteries of Architect” – (Ron Fish) – 2:00
  22. “Wrath Divine of Zeus” – (Cris Velasco) – 3:04
  23. “Poseidon’s Underwater World” – (Winifred Phillips) – 3:04
  24. “Battle of Minotaur Boss” – (Cris Velasco) – 1:57
  25. “Burning Dream” – (Ron Fish) – 1:15
  26. “Box of Pandora” – (Winifred Phillips) – 1:00
  27. “God of the Underworld” – (Cris Velasco) – 1:13
  28. “Ares’s Fury” – (Ron Fish) – 1:26
  29. “Battle with Ares” – (Cris Velasco & Mike Reagan) – 2:26
  30. “Mount Olympus” – (Winifred Phillips) – 1:57
  31. “End Title God of War” – (Gerard K. Marino) – 5:06

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