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God of War: Ascension was released on March 12th, 2013, as a prequel to the first God of War game in the God of War video gaming series, this third-person PlayStation 3 video game has already raised many a pulse. So, put on your spit-goggles, God of War fans, and brace yourself for God of War: Ascension.

The God of War Ascension Story line is intense, the graphics are cutting-edge, and the gameplay is better than ever before. There’s even a new online multiplayer mode, where you can actually craft your own God of War Ascension warrior to let loose on the hostile masses.

Prepare to rise to Spartan glory in epic style…

God of War Ascension Story

God of War Ascension zeros in on the human side of Kratos, the ruthless antagonist of the hack and slash series. It shows how he came to be the raging brute that would eventually ascend Mount Olympus and destroy the Greek Gods in God of War 3.

Chronologically, the story takes place 10 years before the original God of War. It’s been 6 months since Kratos was tricked by Ares into slaying his own beloved family, after having made a pact with him, and now all deals are off and he wants retribution.

In God of War Ascension, Kratos breaks the blood oath that binds him to Ares. As a consequence, he is sentenced to a shackled life within a grimy prison, where a trio of Furies, Megaera, Alecto & Tisiphone (female deities), torment him to no end. But they can’t keep a man like him down.

The story chronicles his grisly journey as he breaks the chains of oppression, goes toe-to-toe with the God of War: Ascension Furies and other legendary beasts, and finds the strength to avenge his murdered wife and daughter. More information can be provided by way of the God of War Ascension Wiki sections of the Wikipedia.org website.

God of War Ascension Graphics

Santa Monica Studio and Sony went all out with the aesthetics in God of War Ascension. The graphics are really impressive, and reviewers praise them extensively. In fact, many critics argue that the visuals are the best to date on God of War Ascension PS3.

From the amazing detail of Kratos’ pallid skin and his chiseled facial features, to the sheer realism and scale of his macabre environment and merciless adversaries, God of War Ascension leaves no stone unturned. It doesn’t take long to get into character, thanks to the Graphics, and once you do, you can feel the intensity in every last pixel.

The God of War Ascension boss fights are colossal – especially the last one, where Kratos battles the transformable Alecto and Tisiphone in titanic, over-the-top fashion. This is where the God of War Ascension Graphics enhancements really shine through, and the God of War Ascension Story culminates.

God of War Ascension Gameplay

The God of War Ascension Gameplay is an experience all on its own. God of War Ascension introduces several new features that complement the exceptional story and Graphics.

God of War Ascension stays true to its combat-promoting roots. Blades of Chaos are your primary weapon during gameplay, as can be expected, but players can now infuse the elemental magic powers of 4 Olympian Gods, enabling a host of devastating attack moves and gory finishes. You will need to earn the magical powers, though.

The new God of War Ascension world Weapons system also allows you to disarm opponents and steal their moves. You can combine their weapons with your blades to execute deadly attacks.

TIP: If you throw them at enemies during gameplay, this will stun them, buying you extra time to obliterate your foe.

Other noteworthy God of War Ascension augments include the Life Cycle ability, where the player can freeze rivals and control time in some environments, and the Tether feature, which allows Kratos to grab enemies with his chaotic blades and drag them around the environment or throw them into surrounding objects.

God of War Ascension – Online Multiplayer

Ah, and then the God of War Ascension Multiplayer upgrade… another juicy bonus.

Bust devilish heads in tandem, as you join up to eight online players in a less complex, yet equally satisfying God of War Ascension Story mode. The goal here is to gain the Gods’ favor, earning you God of War: Ascension rewards in the form of magic, abilities, armor, and more.

You start out by creating your own ghastly warrior and pledging your allegiance to either Zeus, Hades, Ares or Poseidon. You then select your weaponry of choice for the conflicts that lie ahead. Once you are geared up to the nines, you can choose from four action-packed God of War Ascension game modes, and engage in battle. Death-matches, collaborative play, one-on-one combat, or team warfare… God of War: Ascension Online Multiplayer has it all.

Overall, it is clear that the developers really went to town in this God of War. The game offers enhanced gameplay, stunning visuals, and a God of War Ascension Story that actually adds depth to the character of Kratos. It also delivers the signature epic-scale brutality that fans have come to love. This one will undoubtedly be remembered as one of God of War PS3’s golden kids. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy of God of War Ascension.

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