God of War 3 – The End of the Gods of Olympus Has Arrived

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God of War 3 is another game in the God of War series. This series has gained a huge amount of positive attention for its story, design, engaging gameplay, combat, and overall entertainment value. Since the original in 2005, this series has remained strong with players all across the world continuing to play it. It is the direct sequel to God of War 2, continuing the story of Kratos and his revenge. In it, you play as Kratos as he continues on his path to finding Zeus. The size of the game and story resemble the other two main installments, with movements forward as Kratos closes in on Zeus and the other God of War 3 Gods. God of War 3 was released on the PlayStation 3 on March 16th, 2010 and began the story for God of War 4. For those of you that are having trouble getting past certain levels of God of War 3 have the option to read through the many God of War 3 walkthrough guides that are scattered throughout the internet.

God of War 3 Image
Kratos is scene fighting his enemies of the dead in God of War 3

The World and Characters of God of War 3

The story of God of War 3 continues where God of War 2 left off. You and the Titans climb Mount Olympus in order to have your revenge. Together, you fight against other Gods, including Poseidon. After a heavy battle, however, you and the Titans fall. This is where you learn that the Titans merely used you for their own revenge, and they allow you to fall into the Underworld.

After defeating Hades and escaping, you go back on your path to Zeus. You take down the Titans that betrayed you and the Gods that stand in your way. On this path, you end everything that the Gods control. From floods to the death of plants, you throw the entire world into chaos. Eventually, you make your way to Zeus. With the help of Pandora’s Box, and the power of hope sealed within, you are able to take him down. Once down, Kratos stabs himself as a way to release hope and save the world.

As a hint to God of War 4, the game ends with a blood trail that leads us to believe that Kratos is still alive.

The Characters You Meet in God of War 3

Along with the story, you have numerous characters. All characters come from Greek mythology. They include the character you play as, Kratos, the former God of War. Other characters are the God of War 3 bosses that include Poseidon, Athena, Zeus, and Hades and the Titans Gaia, Cronos, and Perses.

Fight with These Ancient Weapons in God of War 3

God of War 3 has several types of weapons. For the first half of the game, you will use the Blades of Athena. During the second half in Gold of War 3, the Blades of Exile. These are your primary weapons throughout the game and will assist you greatly in combo moves. Other weapons include Nemesis Whip, Bow of Apollo, and Boots of Hermes. Some will have special abilities, like the Soul Summon move of the Claws of Hades. There are assist items, too, that can help in combat, like the Icarus Wings that grant you the ability to fly.

God of War 3 Graphics

Graphics in God of War 3 are good. They are not revolutionary, but, for a PlayStation 3 game, they definitely fit the expectations of the players. Since the series comes from a major developer, you expect the high quality graphics that they provide. From start to finish, the graphics of the God of War 3 game remain modern, attractive, and high quality. Everything from battle scenes to backgrounds, such as the Titan Gaia sitting in the background during an intense battle, allow you to develop a more engaging experience.

The Future After God of War 3

The two games released after God of War 3 were set before the events of the game itself. These events brought you into the past of Kratos, exploring more of his life and actions. However, recently, there has been news of God of War 4. Titled simply God of War, at least at the moment, it is years after you have killed Zeus. Kratos plays with his son, teaching him archery and other combat. Currently, the only information for this new installation is limited. E3 2016 did show a trailer for it, but not a lot of information currently exists. What we know now is that the game will take place in Norse mythology, moving away from its Greek routes, and follow a brand new story outside of the revenge we saw in the main series of games.

The Man Behind God of War 3 and Other Installments

For a large part of the God of War series, Stig Asmussen worked behind the scenes as a lead environment artist and art director. The art of the game came largely from him. For God of War 3, he also became the game director. While Asmussen left shortly after, he did help to shape a large portion of the God of War 3 video game. He is not the only one to do so, but he did play a major role in it.

God of War 3 Music

Highly rated and loved, the soundtrack of the God of War 3 game has gained a lot of positive feedback. People have even said that it is the best of the entire series, pointing out its superb quality and the great work of the people behind the music. God of War 3 sets the tone perfectly with it.

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