Gears of War – Take Out The Locust Horde

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Gears of War is a fictitious military science-based third-person shooter released in 2006. It was developed by Epic Games and is the first installment of the Gears of War series. At first, it was developed only for the Xbox 360 console and was released initially to North America, most of Europe and Australia in November 2006. Then, a Microsoft Windows compatible version of Gears of War was developed and released together with ‘People Can Fly’ a year later showcasing more campaign levels, a new multiplayer game mode and Games for Windows Live.

Gears of War – The Story

Gears of War is centered on a small group named the Delta Squad as they make a desperate attempt to save the remaining human beings from an unstoppable and remorseless subterranean enemy, known as the Locust Horde set in the fictitious planet Sera. There are two roles to choose from: One is Marcus Fenix, a former prisoner and soldier, which is the major role, and Dominic Santiago, a more minor role. The gameplay relies heavily on usage of covers and strategic fire in order to advance of clear each situation; but a second player can assist by playing co-operatively with the first player. In the story, Imulsion, a liquid, becomes a very valued power source when a scientist learns how to use it, and the economic disruption caused due to this power source ultimately started several wars between nations. During the Pendulum Wars, which lasted 79 years, a political party named the Coalition Of Ordered Government (COG) was formed, having been simply an obscure joint-government theory. Soldiers belonging to the COG were named “Gears”. When The Locust start their war against humanity, the COG were the ones who initiated the survival of the human population. Fourteen years after Emergence Day (the day when the Locusts begin their attack on humanity), Marcus Fenix is reinstated into the military after being successfully taken out from prison by his best friend Dominic. Santiago takes him to the Delta Squad which seeks to obtain the Resonator, a device that will map “The Hollow”, where the Locust live.

Gears of War – Characters

The main characters involved in the game are:

Marcus Fenix – A COG soldier who the player controls to fight the Locust aliens and defends the home planet from the infringing Human aggressors. He is the protagonist of the game being a hero turned prisoner for a reckless act and is seen as a savior from the attacks of the Locust aliens and hence the leads the Delta Squad.

Anthony Carmine – He is the first out of the three Carmines, from the total of four; in the Delta Squad to be present in the Gears of War.

Anya Stroud – Anya is a radio operator who controls the mission helping the Delta squad by acting as their guide. She assists the squad by firing the Hammer of Dawn as well when needed.

Augustus Cole – One of the four in the Delta Squad, he is also known as ‘Cole Train’. He is known for his candor and is portrayed as an animated and lively character.

Colonel Victor Hoffman – Once held responsible for being the one to send Marcus to prison, he changes his stance when he becomes a Gear and gets to be ranked as the highest member.

Damon Baird – Baird is known for his mechanical skills. He moves from the Alpha squad when everyone in the unit is killed and becomes one of the Delta squad members along with the other three.

Dominic Santiago – Known as Dom, he is the right hand man of Marcus Fenix and another important member of the Delta Squad. He is controlled by the second player in a co-op mode.

General RAAM – Being the main antagonist in the game, he kills many COG soldiers. He is declared as the final boss.

Jack – He is the one who provides strategic help to Marcus and the members of the Delta Squad and is hence called as the Jack of all trades Bot. He is moderately capable of field surgeries, hacks into and downloads from computers and manages to do ethereal analysis.

Lt. Minh Young Kim – He leads the Delta Squad and is known for his strict discipline following procedures and commands to perfection.

Gears of War – Weapons

Various weapons are used like the Boltok pistol, Torque arrows, Nemacysts, the Hammer of Dawn, Lightmass missiles and bombs, Lancer Assault Rifles, and many more.

Gears of War – Gears of War 2

Gears of War 2 is the second installment in the Gears of War series developed by Epic Game and published under Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox 360. By using a rather heavily modified Unreal Engine 3, the game is different than its former game in the way of graphics and gameplay.

Gears of War – Epic Games

Epic Game, formerly known as Epic MegaGames and Epic, is a video game development company based in Cary, North Carolina. It is widely recognized for its Unreal Engine technology which has powered the Gears of War series. It has branches in America, Seoul, Tokyo and Shanghai.

Gears of War – Multiplayer

Gears of War Multiplayer features 4-on-4 active gameplay where you can represent either the Gears or the Locust. When players down other players, they must execute them as they revive after a short period of time. There are Assassination matches as well where the teams are supposed to kill the opposing team’s leader.

Gears of War – Graphics

The graphics of Gears of war were very popular and players took a liking to them instantly. Many of them regard them as the best in the series. The suits of jet black and that they had a lot of texture added to the attraction of the dark theme and created a mysterious environment.

Gears of War game has been designed to take the player into an engrossing game of hide and seek and takes him through an exciting and thrilling time. Playing it with your friend shouting out orders using Xbox live, the Gears of War for the Xbox 360 game comes alive for you.

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