Final Fantasy XIII – A Crystal Adventure

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Final Fantasy XIII is the project of Square Enix’s Fabula Nova Crystallis. It plays on Crystal Tools and is the thirteenth installment in the Final Fantasy series. The Final Fantasy XIII video game was released in 2010. Final Fantasy XIII has been the first video game ever to be translated into Chinese. It is followed by two sequels. The Final Fantasy XIII video game can be played on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 video game consoles.

Final Fantasy XIII – The Story

The Final Fantasy XIII game begins in Cocoon showing the citizens being evicted after coming in contact with Pulse. Lightning and Sazh try to save Serah by derailing a train going from Purge to Pulse. A Final Fantasy XIII battle ensues in which Hope’s mother and many others are killed. Snow who leads the group NORA reaches to rescue the exiles of Purge and is joined by Hope and Vanille and they go on to search for Serah and save her. But when the groups join at fal’Cie, they discover that Serah has turned to crystal. They are branded by Anima and are left out in another part of Cocoon. During this whole ordeal in Final Fantasy XIII they all have a vision of a monster Ragnarok. They all leave but Snow stays with Serah who is still in her crystallized form. The party returns to Cocoon and while Vanille and Fang transform together into Ragnarok and turn themselves into a crystal pillar. This helps them to arrest a collision between Cocoon and Pulse and also awakens the rest of the group from their Final Fantasy XIII crystallization to rid themselves of their L’Cie brands. Finally Hope, Snow, Sazh and Lightning are reunited with Dajh and Serah.

Final Fantasy XIII – The Characters – Who Are They?

The six main characters in the Final Fantasy XIII video game are:

Lightning: She is a former soldier and the main protagonist of the Final Fantasy XIII game. Her older sister is Serah.

Snow Villers: He is the leader of NORA a revolutionary group and Serah’s fiance.

Oerba Dia Vanille: She is an outcast from Pulse and later she is found out to be an I’Cie.

Sazh Katzroy: He is the father of young Dajh and a civilian pilot by occupation.

Hope Estheim: He is a young boy who is a problem with his parents and the relationship he shares with them.

Oerba Yun Fang: She is an I’Cie from Pulse and works with the Cavalry division of Sanctum.

Final Fantasy XIII – Graphics

The graphics of the weapons used in Final Fantasy XIII are present but no portrait preview is available. The player will find that the weapons used in the game have statistics and some effects are also linked with them. When the player cuts into the inventory or hacks directly into the said slot, the equipment will work when equipped on their relative characters. The weapons and armor of the monsters are similar to the players weapons. The weapons can be seen when the player goes out into the field and fights enemies.

Final Fantasy XIII – Final Fantasy XV – A Short 2015 Preview

Originally called Final Fantasy versus XIII, Final Fantasy XV is the fifteenth installment of the Final Fantasy series. It has no connections to the other projects but will feature uniquely with a whole new story and visual design.

Final Fantasy XIII – Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

Final Fantasy X follows the story of Tidus and Yuna. Final Fantasy X is the tenth installment in the Final Fantasy series. It was the first one to appear on PlayStation 2, a sixth generation console. Final Fantasy X-2 was released in 2003 in Japan and North America and later in Europe after a year. The story is set in Spira. This video game can be played on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Final Fantasy X was announced by Sony as their tenth anniversary special. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is a combination of both Fantasy X and Fantasy X-2 and can be played on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. The compilation of the games was done on the basis of their international versions. Both games are made available together on a single disc for the PlayStation 3 version while the Vita versions are not sold singly. But the Vita version allows the buyer to swap between the systems and transfer the data from Vita to PlayStation 3.

Final Fantasy XIII – Square Enix – Who Are They?

Square Enix is a merger between Square Co., Ltd. and Enix and was incorporated in 2003. Square Enix specializes in role oriented games including the Final Fantasy series and Dragon Quest series. The company also has several video game franchises.

Final Fantasy XIII – Motomu Toriyama – Who is He?

Motomu Toriyama was responsible for several of the Final Fantasy series games. He is the Event Director of Square Enix ever since he joined the company in 1994. Motomu worked on a considerable part of Final Fantasy VII and one of his contributions was making Aerith a vital character of the game which enables the player to maximize her death impact as the plot progresses. He has written and directed several scenes that center around a romance between Cloud Strife and Aerith Gainsborough.

Final Fantasy XIII – The Official Soundtrack

The Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack of the thirteenth installment of the Final Fantasy series was fully composed by Masashi Hamauzu. Earlier he had composed the soundtrack for Final Fantasy VII and was the co-composer for the tenth installment Final Fantasy X. Originally the soundtrack was to be composed by Nobuo Uematsu who is the main series composer, but since he was occupied with the composition of Final Fantasy XIV, this soundtrack was passed over to Hamauzu. The Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack plays a few pieces from the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra which comprises of Yoshihisa Hirano, Kunihito Shiina and Toshiyuki Oomori. Another change that was done in Final Fantasy XIII was to replace the original thematic song “Kimi ga Iru” by Sayuri Sugawara with British singer Leona Lewis’ song “My Hands” from her second music album titled “Echo”. This was done before the game’s release internationally. In retrospection, the president of Square Enix stated that they could have produced the Final Fantasy XIII theme song from scrape but since they were understaffed they had to resort to providing a license for a prevailing song.

Final Fantasy XIII got an incredible reception and statistics showed that it was the fastest selling installment in the history of the Final Fantasy series.

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