Final Fantasy X – The Legend Lives On

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Final Fantasy X HD Remastered was Released originally in 2001 as the tenth installment in the Final Fantasy saga for specifically Sony’s PlayStation 2, Final Fantasy X is a combat RPG that remains to this day remarkable. And there is evidence to prove that this iconic gaming franchise is not quite dead, and does not plan to die any time soon.

Final Fantasy X – Development

Final Fantasy X went into development two years before its release, with a production team of more than one hundred people, and a budget of thirty-two million dollars. The developer, at the time, was known as Squaresoft, and the director of the game was Yoshinori Kitase. Kitase is still a director at the company, producing the previous Final Fantasy games, the next ones, and Final Fantasy X-2, along with many other Square Enix games. The team consisted almost entirely of people who had previously worked on other Final Fantasy projects. However, this was unlike any other Final Fantasy game before it, as it was the pivot around the transition from a two-dimensional background, to an all new three-dimensional one. A lot of the setting was influenced largely by the cultures of Japan and Thailand, rather than a common medieval European one, which was thought to be a real development for the game. Final Fantasy X is also the first game in the series that required more than one composer for the music, with ninety-one tracks being featured in the original soundtrack. It released initially in Japan in 2001 by DigiCube, and later again in 2004 by Square Enix.

Final Fantasy X – Squaresoft

In today’s world, Squaresoft is known as Square Enix, after a merger with another game company named Enix. Its origins trace back to the 1980’s, when it was founded by Masashi Miyamoto in Hiroshima, Japan. It began as a computer game division in Miyamoto’s father’s power line construction company, Den-Yu-Sha, but eventually grew out into a single firm after it needed more employees in 1986. In its initial years, there was little success to be found, until it released Final Fantasy, which was the company’s first commercial success, having sold four-hundred thousand copies. Other mentionable games include Saga Frontier, Chrono Cross and Parasite Eve, however, Final Fantasy and all its successors would remain its key franchise. Soon, the company began to produce games for the original Sony PlayStation, with Final Fantasy VII becoming the second best-selling PlayStation game of all time, with almost ten million copies sold. The success, however, would not always last, as going public cost the company greatly, and in 2000, a merger was in thought with Enix, which had initially been reluctant as Square was not in a good financial state. In 2001, the success of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy X brought an astounding record highest operating margin in fiscal 2002, which would lead to Enix agreeing to a merger. This would form Square Enix, which is what it is known by today.

Final Fantasy X – Characters

Final Fantasy X consists of seven main playable characters, beginning with a teenager named Tidus. He is later joined by Yuna, Kimahri, Waka, Lulu, Auron and Rikku, not in that order, as the story progresses. The main antagonist is known as ‘Sin’. The main protagonist remains to be Tidus through the game, and much of the story transitions around him.

Final Fantasy X – Storyline

The Final Fantasy X storyline for this game is set like quite a few other games in the modern generation. It begins as a flashback, narrated by Tidus, where he begins in his hometown Zanarkand, a place where he is known for his immense talent in blitzball, an underwater sport. During a tournament one day, a wild creature, described by an observer called Auron as ‘Sin’, destroys the city and takes Tidus and Auron to another world, Spira. Over here, they are rescued by salvagers, one of which, Rikku, tells them that they are from a millennium ago, when Zanarkand was previously attacked by Sin. Post another attack by the beast, Tidus is separated and finds himself in Besaid, a tropical island. Here, strangely, he meets a local blitzball player named Wakka. Tidus offers to help Wakka in his tournament in return for a way back home. Wakka introduces Yuna, a young summoner, and her guardians, Lulu and Kimahri, who are on a pilgrimage to defeat Sin. The pilgrimage moves on place by place, as the party goes along defeating Sin’s “offspring” named Sinspawns. The game has a long and notable story, which extends quite far, with history, family, blitzball, legend and companionship all playing a vital role in everything.

Final Fantasy X | Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remastered

In 2011, it was announced by Sony that as a ten year anniversary special for Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, a PlayStation 3 remakes would be released in 2014 for the two games in one. These would be ‘HD Remastered’, which meant that the graphics would be bettered to suit the PlayStation 3’s high-definition resolution. The remake consists of both games combined into one, which made it a very long story to play through. Final Fantasy X|X-2 released in December 2013 in Japan and March 2014 in Europe and North America, developed by Square Enix. The game focused on re-telling the stories of Tidus, Yuna and the others in a more eye-catching way, which in quite a few ways, it accomplished just that. The color was more detailed than in the original PlayStation 2 version, and a lot of the faded, blurry background had become more refined and adds an element of completion to the game. After the seventh-generation remakes of the sixth-generation games, an eight-generation PlayStation 4 remake is planned for release in the second quarter of 2015. That can promise even more improvements in the graphics and game play.

Final Fantasy X remains to be one of the most famous creations of the dying Squaresoft, the critically-acclaimed series that stretches on even beyond Final Fantasy X-2, and is one of the most popular only-PlayStation games ever. And there is still more of it to come for the PlayStation 4 later this year.

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