Final Fantasy VIII – The Continuation of Greatness

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Final Fantasy VIII is the 8th game in the Final Fantasy lineup. The Final Fantasy series, made by SquareSoft, has a huge amount of popularity behind it. As the follow-up to the widely adored and popular Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII had big shoes to fill. For many, they filled them and more. This was a hugely popular title in its time, and still is. It offers action, adventure, an exceptional story, a variety of characters, and some engaging combat. Anyone who enjoys playing the Final Fantasy games will fall in love with Final Fantasy VIII. It is everything that you expect out of one of these titles, and all with its own little twist to things.

Final Fantasy VIII Squall and Rinoa Cinematic Image
This is a screenshot image taken from the famous cinematic sequence with Squall and Rinoa at the ballroom dance scene in Final Fantasy VIII

Follow the Story of Final Fantasy VIII

The setting of Final Fantasy VIII is entirely fantasy. Like the other titles in the series, it is a world made up. Everything from the landmasses to the people to the universe are fictional to match the fantasy setting. It is a beautiful and deep world fitting for the series. If you have played these games in the past, it should meet the expectations that you have in place for them. It is exciting and it is engaging.

The story itself is wonderful, too. It goes into depth and has the rich characters and environment that you expect of this series. At first, you have Squall Leonhart and a war. As Squall, you will play a vital role in the war. You are a SeeD cadet and you have to help protect others. During your journey to fight in this war, you meet a handful of other characters who will become your support. You will have to learn more about yourself, face the sorceress, and go through difficult and incredible times. The story throws you into heart wrenching stories that will dig deeper into the world and the characters.

The Faces of Characters in Final Fantasy VIII

Several characters are around in Final Fantasy VIII. Like any other Final Fantasy game, you have the main team that will assist you as well as main antagonists that will face you. The long list of characters includes:

  • Squall Leonhart: Your main protagonist. A cadet, he is serious and typically stays on goal. As a trusted cadet, he is the one to go to war when the battle begins. He meets the other characters, has life changing experiences, and rises in the ranks.
  • Rinoa Heartilly: Second main female protagonist and love interest of Squall, Rinoa is an all around successful and talented individual. In both the arts and war, she does well. She takes her skills to combat with Squall to help with the war.
  • Ultimecia: The main antagonist of the series. She wants to become a living god. To do this, she plans to compress all of time and space. It is during her goal that Squall and the others become wrapped up in strange, dangerous incidents.

Many, many more characters are found throughout Final Fantasy VIII, but playable and NPC. You will meet, battle with, and battle against them. There is even this version’s Cid to meet.

The Weapons of Final Fantasy VIII

Like every other Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy VIII has its own set of weapon. Each player has his or her own weapon with upgrades found throughout the game. A player with a sword, as an example, will continue to have a sword. As you move through the game, you will find new swords with better stats, which you can then equip. This is true of every character and every weapon as characters cannot switch weapon types. The setup for this is the same as most RPG titles.

How Final Fantasy VIII Plays Out

There are multiple parts to the gameplay of Final Fantasy VIII. The exploration and maps are similar to other Final Fantasy titles, and SquareSoft and many other RPG titles. You have the world to explore, which you can explore a variety of ways. Next, you have a field map for towns and other regular areas. Lastly, you have the battle map.

Some new aspects of Final Fantasy VIII include Limit Breaks and experience level boosting. These, along with other features, were unique to the game at the time. Most other titles, including other Final Fantasy titles, had the same system laid out. In fact, it is different from most other titles to this day. There’s also many Final Fantasy VIII walkthrough guides that are scattered throughout the internet for those of you who are having trouble with difficult parts of the game.

Final Fantasy VIII Graphics

At the time of release, Final Fantasy VIII had stunning graphics. For the system and games at the time, it still looks great. It is what you would expect from major developer SquareSoft and major series Final Fantasy. Everything from the character designs to the environment were detailed and intriguing.

Titles Outside of Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VII, the title right before Final Fantasy VIII, grabbed a large amount of attention and interest. People fell in love with the story and the characters. Final Fantasy VIII had a hard time following its path, but it did a good job of it. Right after Final Fantasy VIII was Final Fantasy IX, which received exceptional reviews. It actually surpassed VIII in some ways, though both received high praise.

The Final Fantasy VIII Soundtrack

The Final Fantasy VIII soundtrack, including Eyes On Me, was a huge hit. People loved the music and spent a long time listening to it, and still do to this day. Final Fantasy VIII provided some of the best music in the series in many people’s opinions.

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