FIFA 16 – New Experience of Soccer Gaming

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FIFA 16 football becomes the upgrade of the previous version. Players could play their best season in this video game. There will be even more magic moments than ever for FIFA fans. Each game is memorable and fun with better Midfield control, more stars, enhanced defensive techniques, and a brand new way to play the game. You could also build your own team. There’s FIFA Ultimate Team which you can play to build your dream team. This game also provides unique game features such as women’s national teams. Moreover, you can enjoy the game with a well-built pitch, which might provide authentic and a more lifelike football experience. Overall, it provides nothing but satisfaction. You can read information below to learn more about this excellent sports video game as the FIFA 16 release had just recently transpired on September 22nd, 2015 for FIFA fans everywhere.

FIFA 16 – The Game Play Action

Enjoy FIFA 16 in different modes like never before, and experience new features of game play that will bring each game to life. This game provides improvements and new features such as control in midfield, confidence in defending, and gives you the ability to play incredible and amazing football matches. Don’t forget to enjoy its dream team building feature that gives you the freedom to trade, buy, and even sell football players to your liking. Moreover, you can share these in-game experiences with your friends or other FIFA gaming fans through various types of media. You can reach maximum levels faster and share the progress with friends. It’s fun for everyone.

Defense Agility in FIFA 16

FIFA 16 new features gives you the many feature changes to defensive qualities and strategies. There are approximately 25 changes of features in defensive locomotion that creates versatile defenders. They can track opponents better than before. Those defenders are able to use swing steps to change direction, and perform better balance in duel situation. Defenders can also accelerate better to enhance their movement. It means they have more movement freedom to help break up the attacks from opponents.

Defend as a Unit in FIFA 16

Aside from the defense agility feature, FIFA 16 also provides defense as a unit feature. Defenders would work as a unit against the opponent. In this game, new defensive AI mechanisms would give any FIFA 16 players total awareness abilities, so they can determine the effective defensive strategy during the critical moments in the game. These defenders would work together to deal with the gaps of opponents attacks on the field. In the past, it’s difficult to deal with massive in-game attacks on the field. Therefore, defense as a unit is perfect to cope with the troubles that opponents will try to give you in FIFA 16. Check out the FIFA 16 Demo video below to see what EA Sports has been up to in with this brand new feature in the game.

New Tackling Fundamentals of FIFA 16

The best method to get the ball back in FIFA 16 is to tackle your opponents team weaknesses. Players can win back the ball with new tackling animations and mechanics. This brand new tackling system would make the players possible to manage the slide length. If it seems unsuccessful to you, players can stop the mid-tackle process. It’s pretty straight forward.

What is the Interception Intelligence in FIFA 16?

FIFA 16 players will get smarter AI or teammates. New system and interception logic would help the AI anticipate passes better and moves to deal with different opponents. This new system would affect either the attack or defense during the game. When you are in the control of the ball, your teammates would find better spaces on the field and will react faster. They are smarter to create more opportunities. In the defense aspect, AI helps the player to cover fragile spaces. Overall, FIFA 16 gives various enhancements to create better game play. In the aspect of display, you won’t be disappointed too.

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