Fatal Fury King Of Fighters – Fast and Furious Street Brawling Action

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Fatal Fury King of Fighters is a Neo Geo fighting game that is always full of action and interesting video game to play. For Neo Geo games, Fatal Fury King of Fighters is a popular game to play for players that are into fighting style type games. This game was released by SNK for gamers of the Neo Geo platform. In fact, it’s the first combat game for this arcade console. Most of King of Fighters (KOF) are included in this game. You can play Borgaro brothers along with other characters. Some people will love its anime style gameplay while others look for more characters to play with from. Overall, the game is about a tournament called King of Fighters. It’s to determine who’s the strongest among others. You will be satisfied with the game’s quality as well. Even Wikipedia has it’s own Fatal Fury Wiki section if you wanna check it out.

Fatal Fury King of Fighters – The Story

There’s a tournament held in South Town funded by Geese Howard. He’s the main enemy in this game. 10 years ago, he killed a fighter namely Jeff Bogart. Today, both Andy and Terry are taking revenge on Howard. Terry Bogart is the KOF champion after he defeated Billy Kane and Raiden. When he’s celebrating his victory, there are two guards grab and take him to Geese’s headquarter. Terry meets Geese Howard and he decides to fight him. It’s the final battle against his father’s murderer. Terry gets the victory and he kicks Howard through the window and makes him die from falling from the high rise building that Geese Howard probably owns entirely.

Fatal Fury King of Fighters – The Characters

The main characters of Fatal Fury King of Fighters is indeed Terry and Andy Bogart. There’s also Joe Higashi who becomes a partner of this brother. When you start the game, you will start off by choosing one of the three characters to fight in the tournament. Later, you will choose your first opponent among 4 fighters including Tung Fu Rue, Michael Max, Richard Meyer, and Duck King. After defeating your 1st opponent, you need to face the other fighters in an orderly manner. Before facing Geese Howard, you need to fight 3 of his special opponents within a particular order. They are Hwa Jai, Raiden, and Billy Kane.

Fatal Fury King of Fighters – The Gameplay

In the terms of gameplay, Fatal Fury King of Fighters represents a common style of fighting game. You must compete against certain opponents. You can deliver three types of attacks that include kicking, punching, and throwing your opponents. Each character has his own variation of fighting techniques, special abilities and skills. You can combine attacks by inputting some button commands. There are many guides available on the internet to perform these kinds of attack combination. There’s even a Bonus Round after a match. You’ll be able to have a chance to learn new special attack moves that are shown during the special moves button instructions. There’s also a new gameplay namely two-line battles. You can learn more from the instructions that you can access across the internet on other different gaming websites. So pay special attention when those button instructions are displayed on the screen to learn them for your chosen fighter.

Fatal Fury King of Fighters – The Development

Fatal Fury King of Fighters the video game has undergone an intricate development. The game designer is Takashi Nishiyama. He is the creator behind the making of Street Fighter that came out in 1987. Fatal Fury King of Fighters is the visionary successor to his original work. Fatal Fury King of Fighters was developed during the development of Street Fighter 2. Both of these games were developed in 1991. Fatal Fury King of Fighters has an emphasis on the special moves, delivery timing and storytelling. Overall, both of these video games are similar in the terms of character developments and gameplay. Now, Fatal Fury King of Fighters is playable on the Neo Geo arcade and home platforms. Do you want to try this game out for yourself?

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