F1 2016 – Start a Race for the Ages in this Fast Paced Masterpiece

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F1 2016 gaming fans of real Formula One racing needs to pick up this video game. This is the F1 2016 Codemasters game that all racers will love. From the moment you enter to your first win, it will keep you addicted. If you like the sport, whether you have a passing interest or follow it religiously, you must pick up this title. It brings you everything you love about the real races, but with you behind the wheel. For anyone with no interest, but who likes to race, this is a great title. It has everything that a racing game should have, but with the unique and appealing F1 cars to drive.

F1 2016 Gameplay
A screenshot image taken from the game of an actual crash in progress. Ouch! That’s gotta hurt.

F1 2016 News

There is not a lot of news to report for F1 2016. It is a large game that will meet the general expectations of the audience. Many of the features and improvements come over from the previous title, with upgrades and updates to meet the new system and standards. One of the big changes is the online multiplayer championship. If you love playing with friends, or playing with random people, you will adore this new feature. Prove that you are the best, or at least aim to be it.

The Cars of F1 2016

Anyone who knows Formula One knows the cars. They are unique, interesting, and fast. While many of them look roughly the same, especially to the untrained eye, they are all different. In the game, you have all of the professionals’ cars. Every car, from all of the manufacturers, are there. They have the specs that the real counterparts do, too. Race your favorite racer’s vehicle or give another a try.

Features to Expect in F1 2016

There are a few changes to the features. It actually has a lot added to it. 10 seasons instead of 5, the ability to choose between day and night, more circuits, more teams, and more as a whole. It is a much fuller game than the previous versions were. F1 2016 gives you the experience of a lifetime with these new features.

How F1 2016 Looks

The graphics of F1 2016 are excellent. While not the best in the industry, they do add a touch of realism when you play. When everything is still, you have shine and shadows all around you. The vehicles glisten, the road has life to it, and the environment is vibrant. When driving, there is a realistic blur to your surroundings. You can see the world pass you by, as if you were really travelling at top speeds in an F1 vehicle. You will feel as if you are truly on a track, racing against other professional drivers.

F1 2016 Gaming Mechanics

The game mechanics are exceptional. With a lot of research going into making a top notch driving experience, you can expect the very best when behind the wheel. Every turn is comfortable, every straight stays on point, and every win feels good.

F1 2016 Gameplay

The gameplay of F1 2016 is rather simple and straightforward. As a racing game, there is not a lot to understand or know. If you have played racing games before, you should understand this. Your goal is to have a vehicle that offers balance and that you can control exceptionally well, and then to take that car across the finish line as quickly as you can.

The Developer of F1 2016

Codemasters is the developer of the game. They have a long history with popular racing games. They bring in the features, mechanics, graphics, and excellence that drivers adore about their titles. Titles, including Grid and the entire F1 series, have become immensely popular for everything that they offer. F1 2016 is just another example of their high quality work with racing games, bringing the genre to a new level.

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