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egameboss has a message for you, the website visitor and for fellow video gamers everywhere. I’d like to welcome you to my video gaming website. Do you like video games? I love to play live recorded video games online when I am not busy. If you love video gaming as much as I do, then you’ll just love this information website for video gamers from around the entire world.

Who is the EGameBoss?

Dwayne Holloway is about providing video gaming information and is the one and only egameboss

Are you wondering who that cartoon character with the cutest grin is in that picture above? Why, that’s me of course, Dwayne Holloway, the egameboss. I’m the owner of this video gaming information website. Isn’t that just the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen? Most people see that picture on the internet and just want to choke me. Maybe people even throw things in anger at their computer screens. I wonder why sometimes? Anyways, I’ll be updating my website every month with my own unique gaming information articles on all of the latest and past video games. These articles will be written mostly for the PlayStation video game consoles and the Xbox video game consoles. However, I’m thinking about adding other gaming consoles in the future. That way I will be able to provide you with more free information about many other different types of video games. You’ll just have to come back from time to time to see what I am posting each month.

There’s Something You Should Know About My Website

Please understand that I am just one person that is running my website. I don’t do many gaming articles every month like other big video gaming information article websites on the internet do. But when I do post new articles each month. Each brand new video gaming article I post will be unique and informative for everyone. There will be no rehashed copies like other gaming websites are probably providing you with the same old boring information that you’ve already read and seen before.

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So Feel free to check back once in awhile for more video gaming information on all of the latest video gaming articles and much more at your fingertips. Please tell everyone that loves to play video games as much as you do to check out my website. If you let others know about my video gaming website. Then you can help me to help other video gamers around the internet. Every little bit helps me and I truly do appreciate your help.

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If you’re looking for places where I hang out at online. Just check out all of the available links below and you’ll find me. I hope to see you all there. Why not drop by to say hi sometime.