Dying Light – Good Night, Good Luck

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Dying Light (Video Game) is a zombie-based horror game which was developed by a video game developer who is Polish, Techland and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Dying Light – Gameplay

The game is set in a city called Urfa in Turkey and is an open world. It is based on the theme of fighting against an increasing zombie population due to a massive outbreak caused by some unknown cause. The surviving human population is forced to search for food and other supplies and firepower to defend against the zombies. They also craft their own weapons and are freerunners that is, using the environment to their own advantage. The fighting, however, is only melee-based, with the characters using guns if it is absolutely necessary. But there is an assortment of over a hundred weapons the players can use. In addition, the players can create and modify their own weapons. Dying Light has a one-of-a-kind night-and-day shift, with players scavenging for food during the day and fighting zombies in the night. This is because the zombies’ senses become stronger in the night and the deal more damage while during the day, they are slow moving and their senses are dull. The entire open world in the game is plunged into chaos and the question is: Will you survive? In the world where the human race is outnumbered by zombies, and supplies are getting scarce, the only way of getting supplies is by joining other humans determined to survive or fighting humans traveling solo. Her, the zombies aren’t the only threat; the humans are too, especially those who will do anything to survive in the barren conditions. But, there is yet another threat: the inhumans who leave their strongholds at night to feed and to kill. To survive till dawn at night is your biggest goal; not to scavenge for supplies. The best way to kill zombies is not by confronting them, but by trickery, deception and using the environment to your advantage. Sometimes it is better to not confront a group of the infected but it is better to hide and wait for them to pass. Only in this way will you survive in this barren land of the infected. The game is also filled with more than a hundred side-quests and special challenges where you can put your skills to the test.

The Lead Game Designer Maciej Binkovski announced that the day cycle will be for 64 minutes and the night cycle for approximately 7 minutes. When he was asked about the shot amount of time allotted for night, he replied, “I’ve seen a grown man cry during the night, so yeah, 7 minutes is definitely enough”.

Dying Light – The Story

Players first assume the role of Kyle Crane, an operative working undercover and sent to a quarantine zone in a village in Urfa to see how various codes that keep civilization functioning turn to dust.

Dying Light – Development

Dying Light’s development first started in 2012. While there were rumors claiming that Dying Light was actually a sequel to another game, Dead Island, people at Techland nullified it by confirming that it was an entirely different title. They did not agree as well with the creative vision of the aforementioned game and thus decided to slit up with the publisher, Deep Silver, and promised that Dying Light will overall be a better game than Dead Island as it will feature more difficult and complex gameplay, an extensive storyline and a more serious tone that Dead Island. The development team at Techland also took this as an opportunity that Techland has made a superior quality game. The release of this game was originally planned in 2014, but Techland, citing that they wanted to ‘innovate’ as a reason, moved it to 2015. On October 28, 2014, Techland announced that the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 versions of Dying Light were to be cancelled as the consoles were unable to handle the game properly.

Dying Light – Graphics

Techland originally wanted to run the game on a 60 FPS (Frames Per Second) rate on both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 versions of the game, but then it was shown that if the game ran on a 30 FPS rate and 1080p display, then there would be minimum lag and thus, smoother gameplay, as it was shown by Senior Game Producer Adrian Ciszewski. He thought that the 1080p/30 FPS was “the optimal solution for Dying Light and all its gameplay features on consoles”.

Dying Light – Techland

Techland is a Polish-based game development company first founded in 1991 by Pawel Marchewka. Their most notable games are Call Of Juarez and a prequel, Call Of Juarez: Bound in Blood, which are first-person shooters in a Western-based theme.

Dying Light – Multiplayer

Dying Light showcases a co-op mode with a maximum of four players competing in it. It also offers asymmetrical multiplayer. There is also a mode known as “Be the Zombie” which allows the player to play as a zombie and go into other player’s worlds. There will also be various challenges that the players can engage in for experience and two of these challenges were showcased in EGX 2014 with one challenge being to kill as many zombies as possible and the other being a race to an airdrop.

Dying Light – Craft Your Weapon

Dying Light gameplay allows players to actually create and modify their own weapons, be it melee or firepower. Players can also create new weapons by finding items from zombie strongholds and combining them with guns and other items of mass killing. There are many type of customized weapons such as the Flame Slasher and the Zapper Axe.

Dying Light – Night Changes The Rules

During the day, you go out to explore some new places and scavenge for supplies. But in night, the rules are literally changed, like fighting against zombies and running for your life instead of exploring. This one-of-a-kind gameplay showcases Techland’s ‘desire to innovate’ as the said when they postponed the release date to January 2015.

All in all, Dying Light is an amazing game and a game that is worth your time.

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