Driver 2 – Continue The Undercover Excitement With John Tanner

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Driver 2 was released in November of 2002, published by Infogrames, Inc. and developed by Reflections Interactive Limited. It is played in 3rd person perspective, designed for PlayStation, and carries an ESRB rating of T for Teen.

In Driver 2, you play as an undercover driver fighting for survival in the midst of an international gang war between American and Brazilian Gangsters. The missions in the game take you to vividly depicted, detailed cities of Chicago, Rio, Havana, and Las Vegas. There’s 37 missions to complete within the game, and you can also play some of the pre-set challenges. A free driving mode that’s available within the Driver 2 game lets you explore the cities at your leisure, outside of mission based game play, and there is now multi-player functionality featuring a split screen with four different and unique game modes: take a ride, cops’n’robbers, checkpoint, and capture the flag.

Driver 2 Image
An image taken from one of the Driver 2 missions from the video game itself.

Driver 2 Plot

As mentioned, the game takes you through 37 different missions in four different cities, beginning in Chicago.

Driver 2 Characters

Although there are multiple characters in the Driver 2 game, the main players are Tanner, Jones, Lenny, Caine, and Vasquez.

Tanner is the main character, the driver, and the protagonist, a tough, cool undercover cop whose mission is to penetrate the underworld and stop an all-out criminal war. His background is as an undercover cop, but in Driver 2 he appears as a private investigator hired by the FBI.

Jones serves as Tanners partner, an undercover private agent. Tanner has to save him a few times throughout the Driver 2 game, but he is a key character for his undercover investigations and infiltrations.

Pink Lenny is a criminal, who serves to move the plot along as Tanner and Jones chase him. He is disloyal, constantly switching sides and running for his life from city to city.

Caine, supreme gang boss of Chicago, wants to kill Lenny for being a narc, and is rumored to be an overall nasty crime lord.

Vasquez is Caine’s Brazilian counterpart, a gang boss running a major Brazilian cocaine operation.

Driver 2 Gameplay

Driver 2 for PlayStation is a great game among other car driving games that expands on Driver’s 3D, free-roam structure. Additionally, the game has added the ability of the main character, Tanner, to step out of his car from driving and car chase scenarios. When the main character, Tanner, is out of his car, he has the opportunity to explore the games open world environments, as well as commandeering other vehicles. There are a variety of story missions that can be played separately from the “take a ride” mode, and allow the player to explore cities on their own time.

There are also missions in the game, which are vehicle oriented (since this is a roleplaying driving game). These involve things like trailing Driver 2 witnesses, ramming cars, and escaping from gangsters or cops via high-speed car chases. One really fun part of the game, that allows the plot to advance and really helps the player stay engaged, is that cut scenes are used prior to most missions, which help advance the storyline and allows the game to play very much like a car chase movie.

Most of the violence is pre-rendered scenes, so although Tanner can get out, explore, and interact with the environment within the game, the violent aspects are much more controlled.

Driver 2 Chicago

Driver 2 begins with an introduction showing a man named Pink Lenny and a tattooed Brazilian talking in a bar. Lenny is telling the Brazilian a story about how he really scared someone one time (“You should’ve seen the look on the guy’s face”). Suddenly, two men burst in with guns and kill everyone in the room, except for Lenny, who slips out the back. Enter John Tanner, the main character or protagonist of the game. He is recruited by the FBI after he has arrested a politician, Senator Ballard. He and his partner, Tobias Jones, examine the body of the tattooed Brazilian from the bar fight – and then the police captain tells Tanner that Lenny has disappeared, and that there is just one other witness.

Tanner and Jones apprehend the lone witness, who admits that the unknown gunmen from the bar were after Lenny, not the Brazilian guy. The deceased Brazilian is just a money launderer under the employ of Solomon Caine, a high-ranking Chicago mobster who controls mob activity from Chicago to Vegas.

Jones, the partner of Tanner, believes there is an affiliation between the Brazilian and Alvaro Vasquez, a different powerful Driver 2 mobster, and a rival of Caine. Jones believes that if Lenny and this Brazilian guy were talking, Lenny might have switched sides between gangs or mobs, so he and Tanner go and investigate one of Vasquez’s warehouses. But then, police also raid the warehouse, forcing Tanner and Jones to make a hasty escape, but not before discovering a bunch of forged documents in crates that came from Cuba.

After escaping the cops, Tanner returns to his apartment, where he’s attacked by one of the unknown shooters from the bar. The assailant escapes, but Tanner gives chase. Unfortunately, the attack is a trap set by Caine, who has decided that Tanner is a hired thug (not a hired FBI). Caine’s body guard tries to drag Tanner away, but he escapes Caine’s compound. Caine, though, is a very powerful mobster, and puts a bounty on Tanners head, which means that Jones and Tanner are forced to escape to Havana, moving the game to the next plot point.

Driver 2 Havana

Once they arrive in Driver 2, Tanner and Jones learn that Vasquez is using Havana for his arms operations, and plans to use Lenny’s contacts to flood Chicago with guns and take over Caine’s business. Tanner and Jones throw a major wrench in the arms dealing operations in Havana, but discover that Lenny will soon be boarding a ship called Rosanna Soto to escape the city. They try to catch Lenny, but he escapes. Meanwhile, Tanner’s partner, Jones, tells Tanner that Jericho, Caine’s bodyguard, has learned of Lenny’s betrayal and arrived in Havana with plans to kill all of Lenny’s men at a specific hotel. They follow Jericho to the hotel, but aren’t able to stop the massacre. They are, though, able to pursue Jericho in a high speed car chase, and eventually running him off the road, where they meet and form a truce.

Once the truce is formed, they hide from Brazilians and get ready to go to Las Vegas in Driver 2 to meet with Caine.

Driver 2 Las Vegas

When Lenny arrives in Vegas, he meets Vasquez, who is overseeing the arms shipments and is taking over Lenny’s contacts after Lenny’s failure in Havana, and the massacre of the men at the hotel. Tanner, Jones and Jericho arrive in Vegas and meet Caine. Tanner infiltrates Caine’s gang by telling Caine that Jones and him once worked for Lenny but were betrayed and want revenge. Caine assigns Jones to track down Lenny while Tanner will use his driving skills to assist Caine’s Vegas operations. More car chases ensue, with Tanner completing the Driver 2 tasks given to him by Caine, including car bombing Vasquez’s casino and assisting in a bank robbery.

Jones, meanwhile, infiltrates Vasquez’s mob, only to discover that Lenny has left Las Vegas and that he is now in Rio.

Driver 2 Rio

Tanner, Jericho and Caine meet Jones in Rio, despite Jones telling Caine that it is too dangerous for him to be in the city Caine dismisses his concern, determined to find Lenny. Tanner uses his driving skills to assist Caine and disrupt Vasquez’s activities, such as ramming a stolen bus into the Brazilians’ cars and tricking the Brazilians into giving Tanner cash for Caine, and various other chases.

Tanner becomes worried that Jones’s cover is deteriorating and that Vasquez will figure out that Jones is supposedly working for Caine. Tanner only gives Jones four days to find out the information where Lenny is before Tanner heads off to destroy a boat transporting Vasquez’s weapons to Chicago. Jones later calls Tanner, telling him that Vasquez has sent a gunman to kill Jones, forcing Tanner to save him. Tanner arrives at Jones’ place to find him wounded and the gunman still lurking around. The gunman flees and Tanner rams him off the cliff in another car chase.

With time running out and Vasquez losing, Caine finally determines that Lenny is attempting to escape Rio. Tanner is forced to pick up Jericho before heading to Lenny’s location. The two manage to shoot down the helicopter Lenny is in when Tanner reveals his true allegiance and affiliations to Jericho. Leaving Jericho behind, Tanner chases Lenny’s helicopter through the streets of Rio while evading Caine’s henchman. The helicopter finally crashes and Tanner quickly disarms Lenny before beating him to submission.

Driver 2 Ending

Jones and Tanner escort Lenny back to Chicago and hand him over to the police captain seen in the introduction. When the police captain asks Tanner what the connection was between Caine and Vasquez, Tanner only replied “Took me a long time to figure that out”. It is revealed that the two had been affiliated in the past and are shown to have reconciled with each other before the statue of Christ of Redeemer in Rio.

As Tanner drives away from the airport, a car starts to follow him.

Driver 2 Graphics

The graphics for Driver 2 are pretty advanced for the PlayStation platform – although the graphics are 3D and pretty advanced, they sometimes disrupt the game’s playing pace and can be a little bit choppy. It can make the game a little more difficult to play, due to the choppy effects, but overall the game is pretty advanced in terms of design. Since the graphics for the game and cut scenes were so advanced, the game was released on two discs.

The maps are larger, and the graphics are pretty advanced, with increased driver exploration.

Driver 2 Car Chases

Every city has multiple car chases, from the first escape in Chicago, to the partnership with Jericho after running him off the road. The game allows Tanner, the protagonist to exit the vehicle and explore the areas around the game, but the car chases are what really advance the plot. Each city has multiple missions, deliveries, chases, and epic escapes.

Driver 2 Drivers

Undercover agent Tanner is the master driver in Driver 2. It is played from a 3rd person plot perspective, so the player, as undercover agent Tanner, does the majority of the driving, chasing, and being chased in high speed pursuits, vehicle ramming, and epic escapes throughout the missions.

Overall, Driver 2 has a few pros and cons – the Driver 2 graphics are a bit jumpy, but the game is a very exciting role playing game. Driver 2 has all the earmarks of a Hollywood car chase movie, making it exciting and quite epic.

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