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Destiny (Video Game) is a brand new first person shooter game from the makers of Halo, Destiny is a story about saving the last city on earth which has not yet been invaded by the enemies. The Guardians protect the city with the help of a super powerful character called the Traveler which is a white celestial body with powers beyond the grasp of humans. The game falls in the mythic science fiction genre. The game can be played on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Destiny The Story

Destiny is all about how earth has survived 700 years in the future where humans have successfully, after a post apocalyptic period, colonized the solar system. However these colonies were mysteriously disbanded and humans were on the brink of extinction. The only known survivors are those living on earth saved by the Traveler the white celestial body who had helped humans earlier to travel to other planets. Presently the Traveler hovers above the only inhabitable city for humans. It helps a group called the Guardians to protect the city against hostile alien forces which are trying to take over the city. The aliens have taken over almost all human colonies and civilizations except this one city protected by the Guardians and the Traveler’s powers. The player of the Destiny game would need to become one of the guardians and the player’s task is to revive the Traveler and destroy alien forces attacking the city.

Destiny Game Modes

Destiny has several game modes which lend in variety and entertaining tasks to be completed to win the game. The five major modes are called Crucible, Strike, Explore, Tower and Story. The game modes have several subcategories upped with a new storyline and a specific task for the player. They are:

Story Mission: This is 1-3 player actions which relate to the main theme of the operation.

Strike: This involves 3 players and is based on collecting loot on each mission.

Explore: This is a team based task where players have to collect resources to be used later.

Raid: It involves 6 player missions of tough dares and challenges.

Crucible: This is a simple Player vs. player game play to win Glimmer and other rewards.

Public Event: These are optional mutual multiplayer designed events that are generated in the game world at random.

Destiny Character creation

There are three main groups of characters in the Destiny game which again have subclasses. The first one is Guardians who are soldiers sworn to protect the only city on earth which is still inhabited by humans. They are equipped with special powers and abilities presented by “The Traveler” which makes them superhuman. There are three different Destiny classes based on their powers, size and strategies.

Classes of guardians are hunters, Warlocks and Titans:

Hunters: have speed which they utilize to defeat enemies quietly. They are the top in the classes and famous for their sneering remarks. Fast to shoot and extremely dangerous with a blade, the hunters are always on the hunt to kill preys. Their two subclasses are Gunslinger and Bladedancer.

Warlocks: are the second class who use special abilities given to them by the Traveler. They easily use magic to kill enemies and are dangerous warriors who can wreck havoc and destroy with ease. Sub-classes include Voidwalker and Sunsinger.

Titans: are the third class of Guardians who have built-in advanced armor. This gives them ultimate strength and unbelievable weapon operating abilities. Their armor and shields make it very hard for the enemy to kill them. Their subclasses include Striker and Defender.

Destiny Weapons

Destiny players can equip themselves with three weapons at once and carry up to 12 more as inventory. Weapons are divided in three slots called primary, special, and heavy. Players who win Glimmer in Crucible tasks can use it to buy weapons, armor parts and vehicles. It can also be used to upgrade weapons already held.

Players can choose from a range of weapons at their disposal. Mind you, every weapon can be used for a specific purpose as well. For example weapons containing thermal power can be used to do thermal damage. Basic weapons are white in color, uncommon weapons are green, rare weapons are blue, legendary are purple and exotic weapons are gold in color. Their ammunition is colored likewise. The primary weapons are frequently used like rifles and cannons. Special weapons are used in special situations like shotguns, sniper rifles and fusion rifles. Rocket launchers and machine guns fall in the heavy weapons slot. Guardians can be penalized for losing any special or heavy weapons on them.

Weapon upgrades: Weapons can be upgraded with additional power and movements by using Glimmer. Players will be more benefited if they aim for upgrading weapons useful in that specific task.

Destiny Armor

Destiny armor is protective gear worn by Guardians to repel damage and avert injury. Armor is divided into slots which correspond to different body parts. Customized into 5 slots like head, chest, leg, arm and a unique slot, the armor is specific for each warrior class. The Unique slot is a special piece of equipment exclusive to each guardian class, for example Titans have a mark, Hunters wear cloak and Warlocks possess bond.

Hunters usually wear heavy cloaks and hooded appearance. They wear helmets that combine breathers and goggles. The clothing is light but fitted to permit movement and speed. They also wear a hard chest plate over a flexible but bulletproof midsection. Warlocks wear long overcoats and robes in which they carry much gear. They are heavily clothed than others. Titans carry most gear than others and wear a tight fitting rubber suit which is covered with metal plates and have heavy armored thigh pads and boots.

All players can wear and carry armor specific to the class. With five slots, the player can carry up to 50 parts of armor in inventory. The game also rewards players based on their attributes such as discipline, intellect, strength and light during play.

Destiny Vehicles

Destiny has lined up many kinds of vehicles for its players to use. Each vehicle can be used in different terrains.

Pike: This is a ground gliding vehicle which is a Fallen vehicle has the capacity to throw plasma bolts at high rate and speed for a limited time.

Sparrow: The Sparrow is a single rider glider automobile used for single player missions. Though it is similar to the Pike it is much smaller but high in speed.

Intercepter: The Intercepter belongs to the Cabal group. It can be advanced in short bursts but it has very high fire power and can destroy almost anything that comes in its way.

Uncontrolled vehicles: There are a few uncontrolled vehicles which players need to look out for while going on missions like the Devil Walker which almost resembles a spider.

These are just some of the main attractions about Destiny. There are still mission stories, characters, enemy classes, tower related information and much more to be discussed. The makers of Destiny have thought of everything that can make the player feel and experience the amazing world in the future. With incredible graphics and innumerable options in weapon choice and gear, Destiny can be played again and again. The player can be assured of one thing and that is of having a different experience every time they play Destiny.

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