Dead Space – Survival Horror in Space

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Dead Space was designed by EA Redwood Shores, Dead Space is a horror video game played on PlayStation 3 and X-box 360. The video game is played by the third person shooter who shoots for survival. Dead Space game received critical acclamation and the fact that it sold over 2 million copies reiterates that.

Dead Space Game Plot

The game revolves around a plot set in future where a star ship which is a planet cracker called USG Ishimura is foreseen to send out a distress signal to a corporation namely, Concordance Extraction Corporation or CEC. The signal is sent in the course of a mining operation on the planet which is named Aegies VII. When this happens CEC sends a ship USG Kellion to probe the reason. But due to a malfunction of a guidance system, the Kellion crashes onto the USG Ishimura.

So their crew try to find other means of transport. They think they have found their alternate means of transport when they discover an abandoned ship but they are all attacked and killed by weird monsters. The three who survive are the systems engineer of the ship namely Isaac Clarke, the Computer specialist Kendra Daniels and Commander Zach Hammond. It is when the three survivors discover that the ship’s system have begun to fail and so set about their repair, that the plot unravels. They find among other things, text and logs scattered about the ship which reveal events that transpired before they arrived on the ship. It helped them piece together several facts that told them of the existence of an alien virus which infected corpses, making them into the fearsome ‘Necromorphs’. These transformed and revived corpses then slay uninfected humans thus spreading the influx. Dead Space is all about dealing with this onslaught making the experience horrific and at the same time, thrilling beyond measure.

Dead Space The Game

The design and model of the game involves a horror element. The player has to control and moderate the moves of the protagonist who is named Isaac Clarke. Isaac Clarke is a systems engineer of a ship. He has to deal with an alien menace which has infested a mining star ship. He tries to fight through the mining star ship facing many hardships as the crew are slaughtered and their corpses are shown as creatures categorized as ‘Necromorphs’. ‘Necromorphs’ further have other types such as Brute, Slasher and Lurker. Dead Space has to be played with the perspective of a third person.

Dead Space The Display

In the game, the visuals are displayed as holographic projections. These are projected via the captain Isaac’s spacesuit and his weapons as well. Otherwise called Resource Integration Gear (RIG), Isaac’s spacesuit and weapons display small holographic indications like ammunition count. This is projected while the weapon is being aimed. Likewise, the display shows a ‘health meter’ to indicate Isaac’s condition. The holographic display is done accordingly through the weapons or the suit spine. Additionally, for the players benefit, floating holograms are projected for the captain Isaac to check what objectives are currently present or to refer the 3D map, or to refer the inventory screen for managing the objects. Still danger lurks for the player and he continues to be in fear of being attacked as the game progresses.

Dead Space The Strategies Used

While combating, the player has to use a mechanism named ‘strategic dismemberment’. In this the player has to cut off limbs and parts of the ‘Necromorphs’ in order to defeat them. This has to be done strategically for the move to be effective.

For instance, shooting ‘Necromorphs’ in the head is of little or no use; while removing their arms and legs helps the player to arrest their advances. As they can sprout new limbs and parts or even give birth to new enemies when harmed and wounded, these tactics and strategies of ‘Necromorphs’ have to be dealt with when attacking them.

Dead Space Weapons and Attacks

As Isaac is an engineer by profession, the weapons he uses are hugely influenced from mining tools. Mining tools such as plasma cutters, rotary saws, Hydrazine torches, high energy beams and even force cannons emitting powerful shock waves are used as models to design Isaac’s weapons.

He is even provided with a military grade rifle. The use of the weapons is further supplemented by features such as a secondary fire mode. The plasma cutter or rotary saw can be whirled at ninety degrees with an objective of optimizing the angle of attack thus ensuring a more effective disfigurement of limbs, in this case dismemberment of the legs. The convenience of ammunition and other items being made available throughout the ship is provided. These are simply found everywhere or are dropped by ‘Necromorphs’ when they get killed. The player can avail automated stores all through the ship for purchasing and selling items or even store them for use later. For up gradation of the captain Isaac’s suit or weapons, the player has the use of Bench units with which he will be able to upgrade his tools with ‘power nodes’. After this Isaac can rid himself of enemies with a mere swing or stomp of his weapon.

Dead Space Zero Ground

For combatting enemies, in addition to weapons, Isaac can also take the help of various other tools that will assist him in solving puzzles and surviving an attack. The use of a static and kinetic mode is provided which enables the captain to either slow down the attack of enemies or the onslaught of objects momentarily or allows him to pick and throw items thus impaling ‘Necromorphs’. To add to the excitement of the game, Dead Space incorporates vacuum and zero gravity type of environments, making the captain traverse along with the help of his now pressurized suit and boots that are magnetic. Since Isaac can ultimately suffocate when he is in the vacuum environment, owing to the fact that his suit will contain only a specified amount of air, the player has to move fast and quick in such situations to enable to save him in Dead Space.

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