Dead Space 3 – Destroy the Necromorphs

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Dead Space 3 fans, get ready! If you liked Dead Space and Dead Space 2, you’ll be glad to hear that Dead Space 3 has hit the shelves. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding this action-horror/third person shooter like Resident Evil 6, and reviews say that Dead Space 3 is an epic winner. It is reported that in the last week alone, gamers have mentioned Dead Space 3 over 100,000 times on social media platforms. The demo, which was released on January 22nd, has already been downloaded over 2 million times.

Dead Space 3 Storyline

This latest installment in the popular video game series is the sequel to Dead Space 2. It sees protagonist Isaac Clarke engaged in a horror-show-worthy battle to the death – and he certainly gets to fight the dead in Dead Space 3. Good thing he has help… a ruthless newcomer known as Sergeant John Craver. Together, they pursue a dangerous plan that promises to eliminate the Necromorphs – evolved zombie-like creatures hell-bent on destruction.

The Storyline takes place a few months after Dead Space 2. Isaac Clarke is in hiding from the government and living a somewhat glum life in his lonely apartment. Unexpectedly, Sergeant John Carver and EarthGov Captain Robert Norton burst in; they persuade him to come with to look for his beloved Ellie, who is missing, and find a way to destroy the source of the Necromorphs’ power, the Markers. They also face the Unitologists, a radical group of humans who go out of their way to activate the markers.

Dead Space 3 Take down the Terror – Make it Stop for Good

Watching the Dead Space 3 game Take Down the Terror trailer, you can see Isaac Clark in top form. He is trying to stop the Necromorphs from taking over, and is kitted up to the max. His glowing night-vision and army gear would make even the most well-armed soldier a little jealous. In this video game, you can find many little tricks to keep the virtual world interesting, including the song “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins. It is an ironic song to play, and meant to inspire your commitment to eradicating the in-game enemies.

Dead Space 3 Co-Op Gameplay – Only True Friends Can Help

Dead Space 3 Co-Op Gameplay offers two game play modes: single player and co-op. In single player mode, you get to play as Isaac Craver in traditional third person style. Two players can play in the same campaigns and kick butt simultaneously; one as Isaac Clarke and the other as John Carver. When you play in co-op mode, additional plot details are revealed and overall game play experience is enhanced. The only down side is that it’s only available as an “online” mode.

Dead Space 3 Graphics that are Believable

Dead Space 3 Graphics are very high-quality. Although the game has the signature dark feel to it, you can see that it’s highly polished visually. The holograms and the Necromorphs themselves are very scary and life-like – even if they do represent the dead – and the environments are realistic and tense. Visceral certainly got it right with the Dead Space 3 Graphics, but the audio effects are equally frightening and help to keep you on your toes. The tension builds gradually in this game.

Dead Space 3 Weapon Crafting

Dead Space 3 Weapon Crafting is a great new feature. You can create your own destructive instruments of death using parts you find throughout the game, and then actually use them to blast and dismember non-friendlies. If you’re too lazy for that, you can simply refer to Dead Space 3 Weapon Crafting schematics and pick from a selection of predesigned Dead Space 3 Weapons. Don’t worry; you can still cause maximum damage with these.

The Co-Op Gameplay, kick butt graphics and weapons crafting certainly make this game worth buying, but there are several other new Dead Space 3 features that both fans and newbies will love. Dead Space 3 PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is available to Dead Space fans worldwide. Buy it – teach those Dead Space 3 Necros a lesson they’ll never forget.

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