Dead Space 2 – Horror In Space Re-visited

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Dead Space 2 emerged three years after the first Dead Space. Protagonist Captain Isaac Clarke yet again faces a ‘Necromorph’, this time a new one, which breaks out on the Sprawl which is a space station. The space station is situated above Saturn’s largest moon, Titan.

Dead Space 2 – The Game

The game consists of the player controlling the protagonist Isaac Clarke from the perspective of a third person, operating over the Clarke’s right shoulder. Using RIG suit which is Resource Integration Gear as in the first game, a holographic display is projected through the in-world heads-up display system or HUD. The holograms are displayed from Isaac’s suit and weapons. These are used for the purpose of providing information like messages and ammunition count. In zero or vacuum areas, a timer is provided to keep a count on the oxygen left in his suit thus cautioning him on suffocation.

RIG also helps gauge Isaac’s health with the display showing on his back, so that the player is aware if Isaac’s health or air becomes nil. If the player fails to check this eventuality, Isaac will die and so the player is forced to restart from his preceding check point.

Dead Space 2 – Weapons and Armour

As in the first game, the use of a static and kinetic mode is provided which enables the captain to either slow down the attack of enemies or the onslaught of objects such as active heavy machinery, momentarily or allows him to pick, carry and hurl items thus impaling ‘Necromorphs’. The player can avail automated stores all through the ship for purchasing and selling items or even store them for use later. For up gradation of the captain Isaac’s suit or weapons, the player has the use of Bench units with which he will be able to upgrade his tools with ‘power nodes’. This empowers Isaac to rid himself of enemies who are likely to be found throughout the Sprawl with his new weapons and suit.

Dead Space 2 – Tackling The Various Hurdles

Isaac is made to face various obstacles that will hinder his progress all through the game. Sometimes he has to hack the consoles in order to activate machines and to open doors. At other times, he will have to repair or change positions of mechanisms to move further. Then there is the zero-G environments which will require him to move with the help of thrusters that are attached to his suit. Be it normal or zero-G environment, when they are in areas within the vacuum of outer space, Isaac must be mindful of his oxygen supply level and must keep refilling them with oxygen dispensers.

Dead Space 2 – Strategic Attacks

As in the first Dead Space game, Isaac has to fight ‘Necromorphs’. As these organisms are capable of mutating and taking control of human corpses, the player has to plan the attack on them strategically. This is termed ‘strategic dismemberment’ which means cutting off limbs and parts of the body of ‘Necromorphs’. A body part of every ‘Necromorph’ depending on the type has to be cut off. For a Slasher Necromorph, shooting in the head will have little or no use but slaying its arms off will be more effective as the arms are bladed. The attack’s can still remain tough as some Necromorphs, depending on how and where they are wounded, can make use of new tactics and positions, developing new limbs or reproducing more Necromorphs, thus increasing the enemy count.

Dead Space 2 – Levels

The game has five levels starting with Casual, Normal, Survivalist, Zealot and Hard Core. As the levels are based on the order of difficulty, Hard Core can be unlocked only after the game is completed on any other difficulty level. Hard Core mode allows three saves in the entire game with drops and credits made difficult to get. In addition, enemies are very aggressive and there are no checkpoints too making Dead Space 2 a tough but addictive game.

Dead Space 2 – Multiplayer

When in an Outbreak mode, multiplayer in Dead Space two makes two four-player teams of human Sprawl Security forces face the Necromorphs pitting them against each other in different places and scenarios. The humans are made to complete a variety of missions, like demolishing machinery and activating escape pods, within a time frame, while the only job of the Necromorphs is to try to stop the humans from completing their task.

The game has two rounds per match and each team has to switch sides at the end of the round. The human player characters initially use the weapons that are already present in their arsenal like the Pulse Rifle and Plasma Cutter. Then they can go on to unlock new weapons as they progress through the different levels. Necromorphs can unlock boosts but not weapons. These boosts are to enhance their health and increase their ability to cause damage. Necromorph players can select the Necromorph they will brood with like a Lurker, a Spitter or a member of the Pack. To use stronger Necromorphs, the player needs to wait a few seconds for it to regenerate before the type is can be used. The main regeneration or spawn areas are used by the Sprawl Security players to sprawl. The Necromorph players regenerate through vents or floor panels anywhere on the map, choosing the point on the spawn screen.

Dead Space 2 – The Plot Thickens

Dead Space 2 commences in the Sprawl which is a space station surrounding Titan, one of Saturn’s moons. The captain, Isaac Clarke awakens with no memory of what had taken place in the past three years and he has to free himself. Isaac tries to escape but has to face many hardships along the way. He has to tackle his previous experiences that had endangered him mentally. So he has to deal with hallucinations and take the help of devices like the Marker and Noon Light Diagnostic Machine to activate his Marker affected brain parts. Ultimately in Dead Space 2, Isaac escapes before the Sprawl explodes.

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