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Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate is out, and U.S. fans are already kicking serious 3D butt, DOA-style. Launched on September 3rd in North America, on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, this expanded version of Dead or Alive 5 is said to be a real winner, introducing a slew of unique Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate features and improving on a lot of the flaws of the original game. Those living in Japan will have to wait a bit longer to deliver their crushing beatdowns, however, as Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate will only be released there on September 5th. The release date for Europe is September 6th, and in Australia DOA 5 Ultimate is scheduled for release on September 9th. An arcade version of will also be released later this year.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Features

It’s DOA5 on steroids, and the new features are nothing to sniff at. First off, DOA5 Ultimate delivers 2 new training modes, where warriors can refine their combat skills before taking it to the streets. Next, there is a Power Launcher feature (a revision of DOA5’s ‘Power Blow’) that launches stunned enemies vulnerably into the air, allowing practiced players to unleash bone-crushing combos. Other notable features include Tag Mode gameplay enhancements, a new Team Fight Mode, 117 new unlockable costumes, and custom music. Naturally, new characters and stages, too.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Characters

In DOA5 Ultimate, there are 5 new characters to choose from, and these characters are not to be messed with. Boasting powerful new moves and gameplay mechanics, expect to see the likes of Rachel, Momiji, Ein, Leon, and Jack Bryant. You may recognize Rachel and Momiji from the Ninja Gaiden series, while Leon and Ein return from previous DOA games. Jacky Bryant (Sarah Bryant’s brother) you might know from Virtua Fighter; he appears as a guest amongst the DOA5 Ultimate characters. In total, there are now 29 playable characters in DOA5 Ultimate, and even the returning cast are armed with an arsenal of deadly new combat moves.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Stages

In addition to all the stages of DOA5, Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate also introduces a few new stages. According to Yohei Shimbori, Director of the game, this is a direct result of the feedback that was delivered by fans of 2012’s DOA5. (Good to know that they’re listening to their customers.) DOA5 Ultimate features stages like Sky City Tokyo, Forest, Lost World, Desert Wasteland and Aircraft Carrier, most of which are fan-favorites. In DOA5 Ultimate, Sky City Tokyo and Desert Wasteland are based on stages from Ninja Gaiden 2 and 3, while the others are based on earlier titles in the DOA series. The Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate stages really complement the characters – very aesthetic.

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Graphics

Speaking of aesthetics, the Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate graphics are impressive – a far cry from what they were a few games back. Forget those anime doll-like characters and think stunning detail, texture, and enhanced lighting effects. Both the male and female fighters look great as they perform their explosive MMA moves; you can even see them working up a sweat. The environments are also a lot more detailed. Old stages look much better than they ever did, even featuring some modifications. DOA5 Ultimate graphics really stand out on the newer stages, though, where the intense beauty and effects really shine through. If you liked DOA5, you’re going to love Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate. So get it while copies are in stock in your favorite offline and online shopping stores.

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