Dark Souls III – The Fear and the Pain has Returned

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Dark Souls III is the newest game in the Dark Souls line. This is a game that has received global population, bringing in people who want a true challenge. The claim to fame for this title is primarily the difficulty of it. One thing that people know of the game is that you will die. A lot. The difficulty remains with Dark Souls 3, and it gives you a new experience and a new story with it. If you liked the previous games, or if you want to jump into the series now, this is a perfect title to pick up. It gives you the fun and horror and excitement that you crave in a game. If you would like to learn more about Dark Souls III, you can check out the Dark Souls 3 official website for more information.

Dark Souls III Gameplay Image
A screenshot image taken from the gameplay of Dark Souls III.

The Story Behind Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III continues the story of the previous two titles. You are in the middle of a Light versus Dark conflict. This conflict brings about the apocalypse, the end of the world. It is a dangerous place out there, and it puts you in the worst of it. As monsters and enemies stand against you, you are going to have to fight back and make your way to survival. This is not easy and, as always, you will die. Many times. After death, though, you will resurrect and you will continue on your journey. Your goal is simple: Survive. Make your way across the game and into an area where you can survive.

Who is in Dark Souls III?

Really, there is no one of importance here. You have you and Dark Souls III monsters, along with small names along the way. It is a world of cruel darkness in which few can survive. Your character, too, has no name. Like in previous titles, Dark Souls III offers character creations. Choose the class and appearance of your character, and then set out into the world. You will meet many characters along the way, but there are no main named protagonists or antagonists. The closest you have is the Lords of Cinder. The Lords of Cinder are heroes who linked the first flame.

Weapons of Choice in Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III features new weapons and Weapon Arts. If you played previous games, the new variety will add a bit of spice and intrigue. It gives you a similar layout, but with more ways to kill, and, of course, be killed. These weapons come in a variety of powers and types, and each of them can be powerful when used properly.

Dark Souls III Gameplay

The gameplay of Dark Souls III is highly similar to that of the previous titles. It gives you the basic layout that you already know and like. Fast travel from Dark Souls II is back, as well as other popular features. Many other features are between the first and the second titles. It gives you a nice combination that brings back the good and makes the basics of the gameplay better. There are several new aspects of the game, like the MP bar and new Weapon Arts. When mixed with the new layout and the new opportunities, you have an exciting continuation.

The Look of Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III has excellent graphics. A large amount of time and effort went into creating the Dark Souls III game, meeting the high expectations set on Hidetaka Miyazaki and the company as a whole. During both cut scenes and the game as a whole, you have graphics that rival other major games. It looks good on console versions as well as PC without drops in frame rate, lower quality graphics for different systems, or any caps. It is, as a whole, a beautiful game.

Before Dark Souls III

Dark Souls I and II were hugely popular. When Dark Souls I released on console and PC, it caught gamers’ attention immediately. It had an exciting RPG layout and a lot to offer, yes, but it also challenges players. The challenging aspect of the Dark Soul game series is what makes it the addictive game it is. You will come across all types of monsters and enemies, and you will have to defeat them all. At various points, they will defeat you, but you have to keep going. People love this aspect of it. When Dark Souls II released, it sold copies quickly and received equally favorable reviews. People enjoy the title and people are addicted to it. There is already an immense amount of attention going to Dark Souls III.

What Does Everyone Think of Dark Souls III?

While the Dark Souls III game is brand new, it has already received positive reviews. Nearly every aspect of the Dark Souls III game received praise. The difficulty, weapons, powers, appearance, and other vital aspects of the game were loved. There is no denying that Dark Souls III has already reached, and possibly exceeded, the popularity of the first two.

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