PS4 Controller

2 New PS4 Models Expected

During a scheduled press conference on Sept. 7 at the PlayStation Theatre in New York, Sony Corporation is expected to announce two new variants of the popular PlayStation 4 video game console. The Japanese company said in June it would launch an enhanced graphics version of PS4 and rumors of the other variant began in earnest…

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Japan’s Premier Abe appers as Super Mario in Rio closing ceremony

Rio de Janeiro (dpa) – Japan’s Premier Shinzo Abe surprises tens of thousands of spectators in Rio de Janeiro by making an appearance as video game character Super Mario in the closing ceremony of the Summer Olympics. Showcasing the 2020 Olympic host Tokyo, Abe first appeared in a video in which he was trying to get…

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Madden NFL 17

Madden NFL 17 – Get Back on the Field for Another Season of Pro Football

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Madden NFL 17 is another installment in the massively popular football game. It gives you the chance to play as your favorite team and players with the goal of winning the Superbowl. Anyone who has played this game before knows … Continue reading…