Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare with its futuristic environment and lucid flow of storyline makes for an engaging gameplay. Released on November 4th, 2014, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is essentially a shooter game in the first person view and has been designed for varied gaming platforms like Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is one of the most captivating aspects of this game is the actors playing the lead roles. Some of the most well known names in the industry, Troy Baker and Kevin Spacey have worked with Sledgehammer Games, the developers of this versatile and addictive game.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – The Characters

Members of the Sentinel Task Force: Jack Mitchell, Ilona, Gideon, Cormack, Knox, Guardian 5, Kingpin McDonnell.

Members of the Atlas Corporation: Jonathan Irons, Joker, Prophet, Torres, Carter, Juarez, Michaels, Rivers.

Members of the United States Marine Corps: Jack Mitchell, Will Irons, Cormack, Jackson, Daniels.

Members of the U.S. Government: President of the US, Davis, Kingpin McDonnell.

Members of the Nigeria Armed Forces: Ajani.

Nigerian Government: Samuel Abidoyo

Exo Survival: Gideon, Zombies.

The KVA: Hades, Dr. Danois, Alex Cos, Ted Bock.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Plot and The Significance of Atlas

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare revolves around the life of a private, Jack Mitchell from the United States Marine Corps. Just six months after he joined the Marines, he was given the duty of resisting the North Korean invasion force and was therefore, stationed in Seoul, South Korea along with his best friend Will Irons. Although they emerge successful in warding off this enormous invasion force, Jack Mitchell loses Will along with 6000 other Marines in the process. Mitchell experiences a narrow escape, thanks to the help by Cormack but loses his left arm.

During Will’s funeral, Mitchell is introduced to Jonathan Irons, Will’s father, who asks him to join Atlas, his private military company. In addition to the choicest training he receives at Atlas supported by high tech gear, he also gets a technologically advanced prosthetic arm. During his time in Atlas, he develops an affinity towards Ilona, Gideon and Joker, his operatives.

The KVA is a dreaded terrorist organisation that is largely against westernization and technology. Although Mitchell was required to rescue a Nigerian President held by the KVA at a technology conference, he realizes after rescuing him that the KVA was in fact looking for a certain technologist who was present at the same conference. They do, however, find this technologist, save him from the KVA and take him to the Atlas HQ.

This is then followed by terrorizing nuclear attacks by the KVA on a global level, which causes the deaths of people worldwide. With the national government paralyzed, Atlas comes across as the sole military force in the world that possesses the power to fight back the terror of the KVA and help cities worldwide get back to their feet.

Four years later, certain events take place in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare that gives Mitchell the access to a data chip. On analyzing this data chip, Mitchell and Ilona realize that it is Irons who eventually killed the technologist caught at the conference. This was done on purpose by Irons after learning of the KVA terror so as to bring Atlas’s reputation to the forefront. Although Irons tries to have them arrested, they escape leaving Gideon behind so as to enable him to carry on his investigation. Later, Cormack is revealed to be a part of Sentinel Task Force that aims to bring down Atlas.

Mitchell, along with Ilona join the Sentinel Task force along with Cormack and Knox. Irons, on the other hand, collaborates with Dr. Danois to create Manticore, which is bioweapon. What this bioweapon does is that it attacks only specific individuals of that particular DNA. This protects Irons and his troops. The Sentinel Task Force along with Gideon on their side breaks into the Atlas Laboratory in Bulgaria and destroys all of the bioweapons.

When Irons realises that his secret is out, he decides to take on the politicians of the world who he believes can come in his way. He also declares a war on the world and strikes on the United States. However, seeing this, the whole world teams up together to fight against Atlas leading to Irons taking refuge in his New Baghdad headquarters.

A few months later, the Sentinels strike New Baghdad to attack Irons but realize that he has released the manticore which kills Knox. However, Mitchell, Ilona and Gideon remain unharmed as their DNA goes unrecognized as they were previous members of Atlas. Cormack loses his life in this battle and towards the end, it comes down to Irons holding on to Mitchell’s prosthetic arm which he cuts off causing Irons to die.

However, while everything seems to have ended, it is anything but. The war with Atlas still needs to meet its final destiny.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – What Happened in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?

The installment in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 preceded Advanced Warfare and the story follows the death of the President of a country in the Middle East which was caused by a radical leader and a consequent ultranationalist movement that sparks a civil war in Russia. Released in 2011, this first person shooting video game was designed for gaming platforms like Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii and also Microsoft Windows. In addition to this, there was a version launched for the Nintendo DS system. The entire story is broken down into 3 different missions which are known to the players as Acts and they need to make sure that all the objectives for that particular act are completed before moving on to the next. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has been received positively be critics all over the globe.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Gameplay

Call of Duty Advance Warfare is a gameplay that has been designed for multiple players. However, like every other Call of Duty game installments, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare too, follows the journey of the game in the first person view. While this aspect remains the same, there are also several changes that have been incorporated wherein all the required information is projected in holographic format to the player. Therefore, every weapon that the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare player acquires will follow a holographic representation of the same. Whilst the general rules accompanying gun play remains the same, additionally, high end mechanics have been added to it. There are also different kinds of grenades. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare players can also choose myriad kinds of weapons to fight through the game making it incredibly action packed and engaging.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is fast paced, thrilling and will leave you engrossed in the gameplay as you battle it out to survive.

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