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Battlefield: Hardline is an imminent shooting video game played in the first-person. It has been developed by Visceral Games and was published by Electronic Arts along with development by EA Digital Illusions CE. Battlefield Hardline is scheduled to be released in March 2015 and can be played on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One video gaming consoles, PC users can also chime in on all the action as well. The theme of the Battlefield Hardline video game is one of a kind with cops waging war against crime in Battlefield Hardline. But here’s the twist of this video game. Instead of the usual military personal featured in all of the previous installments of Battlefield series. You have law enforcement taking the fight to the criminal elements in Battlefield Hardline. So what do you think about that for a new interesting scenario for a video gaming storyline?

Battlefield Hardline – The Plot

Just appointed detective, Officer Nick Mendoza quickly gets involved in a war with drugs in Los Angeles. He starts his investigation aided by his partner, Detective Khai Minh Dao and together they track the supply chain of the drugs following it from the alleys to the source. The series of events make them both realize the enormity of the corruption involved and also how it can shake both sides of the law in Battlefield Hardline.

Battlefield Hardline – Characters

Nick Mendoza: He is the main protagonist of the game and figures out in the single player mode. A young detective, he travels to find his ex-partners all over the country and stop them from embracing corruption, trying to show the just path.

Marcus Boone: Marcus serves as an intelligence analyst in US military in the war in Iraq. He joins as an IP specialist, dealing with disreputable characters. He is a grey hat hacker himself, but he is willing to turn this specialty of his to help the law given the chance.

Carl Stoddard: A football star in college, Carl wanted to enroll into the Army but joins the Police Force instead. He is charming and good looking but turns into a corrupt Officer.
Khai Minh Dao: She is a Vietnamese American and rises through the ranks rapidly making a position for herself as an intelligent and capable detective. She is rebellious and fiery and gets to be Nick Mendoza’s partner when he turns detective.

Julian Dawes: Dawes is a cop in Miami and specializes in choosing and training young cops and turning them into brilliant detectives. He has additional capabilities of subtle thinking and adopts a scientific and forensic approach to his cases.

Neil Roark: Neil starts off as a prospective anti-piracy software developer and makes millions in the process but when there is a loss of opportunity in America, he begins to wage a war of sorts emphasizing on the need for privatization.

Tony Alpert: He is a quasi-cult leader having hippie roots but turns the ideals of his origin into hatred. He leads a community of people who think alike in the desert of California.

Tyson Latchford: He starts off by selling cocaine but later evolves as a street smart dealer who keeps his hands clean by manipulating others to do his dirty work.

Battlefield Hardline – Gameplay

Breaking away from the usual military setting that branded the series, Battlefield Hardline moves its focus to police and the war is on crime. Players go through a novel experience with the police special units and police equipment. Tasers and handcuffs are added to the military grade weapons and vehicles like the Lenco BearCat.

Battlefield Hardline – Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 was developed and published by DICE and it is the seventh installment in the Battlefield series games. It was released after Battlefield 2 as its sequel in 2011 and can be played on PS3 and Xbox 360 gaming consoles as well as on the PC.

Battlefield Hardline – Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4, like all its predecessors, is a first-person shooter game and was developed by EA Digital Illusions CE. It appears as a direct sequel to Battlefield 3 and its release date was on October 29, 2013 in North America. It was released later in Europe and Australia with the same release date for New Zealand and Europe and released in Japan on November 7 of 2013.

Battlefield Hardline – Visceral Games

Visceral Games is a game developer company owned by Electronic Arts. They are famous for creating the Dead Space series and are the developers of Battlefield Hardline. They are headquartered in Redwood City in California.

Battlefield Hardline – Multiplayer

There are seven multiplayer game modes featured in Battlefield Hardline. They are Heist mode, Rescue mode, Hotwire mode, Crosshair mode, Conquest mode, Team Deathmatch mode and Blood Money mode.

Heist mode: Criminals have to obtain money by either blowing open the doors of an armored truck or by breaking into a vault. The Battlefield Hardline police have to stop them before they reach the extraction point or they win.

Rescue mode: The criminals have hostages in this round. The police have to try and save them. The Battlefield Hardline criminals win by killing all the police and the police win by killing all the criminals or by saving the hostages.

Hotwire mode: In this mode criminals and the police drive cars and the police’s objective is to chase down the criminal and capturing him. Doing so will make the criminal to lose a ticket. If the police do not do so, they lose a ticket. The first team which has zero tickets or the team with the most tickets wins.

Crosshair mode: In this round, which is 3 minutes long as well as the Rescue mode and 5 players in each team, the criminals try to kill a state witness who was initially a gangster while the police try to protect him. If the criminals murder the VIP, they win but if the police get him to the extraction point they lose and the police wins.

Conquest mode: In this round, the teams have to collect various flags in the map and the team with the most flags wins.

Team Deathmatch mode: In this round, the two Battlefield Hardline teams fight to the death without the assistance of vehicles.

Blood Money mode: In this round, both Battlefield Hardline teams must collect money from a crate located in the center of the map, and then bring it to their armored trucks on each side and players can even steal from the opposite team’s truck.

Battlefield Hardline – Graphics

The Battlefield Hardline graphics are the most realistic Battlefield graphics yet. The world is set in much detail and the models of the players are one of a kind.

Battlefield Hardline is all set to hit the stores and break all gaming records. So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy of Battlefield Hardline at one of your nearest video gaming stores in your area and take out the evil forces of corruption.

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