Battlefield 3 – Captivity and Escape

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Battlefield 3 was developed and published by DICE and it is the seventh installment in the Battlefield video game series. It was released after Battlefield 2 as its sequel in 2011 and can be played on PS3 and Xbox 360 video gaming consoles as well as on the PC.

Battlefield 3 – The Story

A U.S. Marine escapes law enforcement in New York despite being handcuffed in Battlefield 3. The law enforcement personnel have not been able to identify him in Battlefield 3 either. The Marine jumps over an overpass and lands on a subway train. He enters the train which is already being hijacked. He ropes in on the train with the help of the Battlefield 3 hijackers and finds that they have already placed explosives all through the train. When he advances towards the front of the train, he is attacked by Solomon who is leading the attacks in the Battlefield 3 video game.

These events set off incidents that are initiated by a series of events that take place eight months back in Battlefield 3. Sgt. Henry Blackburn and his squad Misfit 1-3 are in a struggle to locate a U.S. investigation squad and bring them back to safety. The squad had been attempting to learn about an explosive and their investigations had taken them to Sulaymaniyah in Iraqi Kurdistan which was the location they were last known to be in before going missing. The territory is in the control of PLR which is an Iranian paramilitary rebellious group in Battlefield 3. Blackburn and his squad do find the missing team after they had been attacked by PLR, but when they are all set to escape the city is hit by an earthquake of massive proportions. Blackburn along with a few of his squad members manage to come out of the ruins. That very day the PLR plan an attack in Iran and so the U.S. invades the city. Led by Lt. Hawkins they organize an air raid and consequently Blackburn’s squad Misfit 1-3 goes to Tehran to assess the extent of damage inflicted by the battle. They question the PLR leader Faruk Al-Bashir and learn from extra investigations that the PLR have taken acquisition of Russian suitcase nukes but two of the total three devices were missing. To handle the situation Misfit 1-3 requests an M1 Abrams tank column called Anvil 3 that has Sergeant Miller as back up. Miller arranges for the removal of Misfit 1-3’s helicopter but gets captured before the Forces arrives. Jonathan Miller is immediately executed by Al-Bashir and Solomon and the whole unfortunate episode is filmed by them and then posted on the internet.

Now Blackburn and his Misfit 1-3 captures Al-Bashir but he suffers fatal injuries in the attack when the vehicle he tries to escape in, crashes. Al-Bashir spills some of the plans of Solomon, which include detonating nuclear weapons in Paris and New York, before breathing his last. Acting on this important information, Misfit 1-3 first tries to locate an arms dealer who was working with Al-Bashir and Solomon, an individual by the name of name Amir Kaffarov. But in the ensuing confusion Blackburn’s squad mates Campo and Matkovic get killed as Kaffarov organizes an air strike. At the same time Kaffarov is attacked by Dima’s team, Spetsnaz. Kaffarov is then interrogated by Dima and passes out. When Blackburn arrives, Dima is able to reveal the plot planned by Solomon and requests him to join him in an order to stop a war between the nations. But when his officer arrives, Blackburn is forced to shoot him before he kills Dima. This shooting on his part results in his heavy interrogation by the CIA.

During his captivity in Battlefield 3, a Spetsnaz squad owned by Dima attempts to stop the nuke attack on Paris, but the attempt was unsuccessful. Kiril and Vladimir die. The CIA also has no belief in Blackburn, because Solomon is a CIA agent and it was not proven that he is involved in any terrorist attack. They are misled in Battlefield 3 into thinking that Russia is to blame and that Dima has duped Blackburn. When Blackburn tries to escape from New York, the sequence of incidents unravel that the Battlefield 3 video game starts with.

Battlefield 3 – Characters

The main characters include Henry Blackburn, Jonathan Miller, Jennifer Hawkins, and Dimitri Mayakovsky.

Battlefield 3 – Gameplay

Battlefield 3 showcases the combined arms battles through multiplayer, single player and co-operative. It introduces fighter jets, 64-player battles and the prone position on PC. The ground area is limited on consoles though but dog fighting through the air in fighter jets is not all that different.

Battlefield 3 – Multiplayer

In multiplayer, you can take on any one of the four roles: Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon. It’s really up to you.

Assault mode: This focuses on fighting mainly with assault rifles and healing.

Engineer mode: This concentrates on either destroying or supporting various vehicles.

Support mode: This concentrates on supplying ammunition and usage of light machine guns.

Recon mode: Mainly sniping and spotting of enemies.

A new feature in Battlefield 3 is also available in multiplayer: Weapons which are much more compatible and can be supported on a bipod and can even be used in the prone position, thus reducing recoil and increasing accuracy. In Battlefield 3 battles, your vision can get blurred if enemies keep shooting at you and reduces your accuracy.

Battlefield 3 – Weapons

The Battlefield 3 weapons are divided on the basis of Assault kits, Support kits, Recon kits and Engineer kits.

Battlefield 4 – The Sequel

Battlefield 4 was released in 2013 and is developed by EA Digital Illustrations CE. It received a generally positive response although there were numerous bugs present and issues with connectivity.

Battlefield 3 – EA Digital Illusions CE (DICE)

EA Digital Illusions CE or DICE as they’re known is a Swedish video game developing company, which is owned by Electronic Arts. It was acclaimed for producing the Battlefield series and video games like Mirror’s Edge.

Battlefield 3 – Soundtrack

The Battlefield 3 soundtrack was released on 24 October 2011 by Jukka Rintamaki and Johan Skugge. Another premium track was made available on 26 March 2013 and has 10 more tracks.

Battlefield 3 – Graphics

The Battlefield 3 graphics are richly made and provide minuscule details about characters and the settings around them. The Battlefield 3 world is made with utmost detail and every character seems to be a real-life model of an actual person.

To put it in a nutshell, Battlefield 3 is an amazing video game to play and its rich graphics and gameplay together with its remarkable multiplayer is truly an engrossing video gaming experience.

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