Attack on Titan – The Popular Anime Series Now Has It’s Own Video Game

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Attack on Titan the game, also known in Europe as Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom, is based off of Hajime Isayama’s manga that was turned into an anime (Shingeki no Kyojin for you technical geeks out there). It will be released for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One consoles on August 30th, 2016, plus the PlayStation Vita if you’re in Japan. It is considered to be a tribute game since it is based off of something already existing in the media.

Attack on Titan Logo

Attack on Titan Story

The Attack on Titan video game itself follows pretty closely with the very first season of Attack on Titan, the anime film series. Although it does include a few different and brand new situations for the core characters to experience with your guiding hand.

Attack on Titan Characters

Along the way in your quest to destroy the titans. You’ll either meet or will be accompanied by your companions in arms. It’s not always wise to battle titans alone in Attack on Titan, but with other fighters who are well trained as a team to defeat them.

Attack on Titan Image

  • Mikasa Ackerman: Mikasa is the baseline character. She is fast and can deal quite a bit of damage. Her 3D maneuver gear can carry her quickly since she is light. Mikasa can perform a special move in the air where she does a direct thrust down with her swords, killing whatever they touch. She is faster than all other characters.
  • Levi Ackerman: Levi is popular with long term players. He is a good offensive character and can rack up damage with his special attacks, and can even be used to unhook yourself from accidental targets.
  • Eren Yeager: Eren can transform into the Rouge Titan and kill every Titan easily, the Female Titan and Colossal as an exception. His special only lasts 15 seconds and then Eren will reemerge, be cautious, he is vulnerable while coming back out. This special can only be done once per game. Eren is not the strongest player, but is a favorite because of his Titan form.
  • Sasha Blouse: When Sasha eats a potato, her speed doubles. This comes in handy if you run out of gas and need to get out of a Titan’s way.
  • Armin Arlet: Armin can dance to make the Titans laugh and leave them unable to move for a moment. This way, he can either distract or escape a Titan.

Attack on Titan Gameplay

The visuals in Attack on Titan match the anime pretty well and you play by yourself against multiple enemies, the Titans. You can actually use the 3D Maneuvering Gear to reach high places and attack giants. You’ll be able to use the gear to orbit around your anchor area and when you release, you’ll need to time it just right to attack with your swords.

Attack on Titan Koei Tecmo

Koei Tecmo was the publisher of Attack on Titan while Omega Force developed it. On November 6th, 2015, a game trailer was revealed to the public along with details about the Collector’s Edition of the game.

Attack on Titan Graphics

Whether you liked the style of the anime will decide whether you like the style and graphics of Attack on Titan. The graphics and the style of the game go along with the anime, so if you didn’t like how the anime liked, you won’t like the graphics. On the other hand, if you loved the anime style, you’ll love the game style.

Attack on Titan Anime Film and Series

The Attack on Titan film series was extremely popular. Over 100 years before the story takes place, Titans, giant humanoid beings, appeared out of nowhere and almost took humanity to extinction. The humans left live inside three giant walls, the largest wall circling around the outside, and the circles getting tighter. The wall on the outside, Wall Maria, the middle wall, Wall Rose, and the wall at the inner circle in Wall Sheena. People live between these walls, and quite a few have grown up without actually seeing a Titan in their lifetime. One day, a 60 meter, or 200 foot tall, Colossus Titan appears after lightning strikes and gets through the outer wall, which lets a bunch of smaller Titans in. An Armored Titan breaks through Wall Maria, so everyone must evacuate past the second wall if they want to be safe from danger. This causes there to be a shortage of food and overcrowding.

It becomes necessary that the Titans are fought and pushed back out of the wall. The humans have a military which has three branches, the Survey Corps which go into Titan territory to try and get back land; the Garrison Regiment which guards the walls and the people; and the Military Police Brigade which keeps the royal family safe and live pretty swanky lives themselves.

The Survey Corps have Vertical Maneuvering Equipment, also called 3D Maneuvering Gear, which allows them to get at the Titan’s one weak spot: the back of their neck. This gear allows the soldiers to get where they need to be, no matter the height. Sadly, it is pretty useless in wide open areas but can be life saving when there are lots of tall objects around.

If you’re interested in watching the popular Attack on Titan film series online for free, you can visit the anime series website that lists many different Attack on Titan episodes. You can watch Attack on Titan anytime you want while the videos are still available online for free.

Attack on Titan Reception

There are approximately 150,682 copies of Attack on Titan sold in its first week of release in Japan. This actually outsold Street Fighter 5 during its time of sale. On March 6th, it had sold 238,758; and as of April 28th, Koei Tecmo made the announcement that at least 280,000 copies total had been sold so far. Famitsu’s four reviewers gave Attack on Titan scores of 8, 9, 9, and 8 which totaled up to a score of 34 out of 40 points.

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