Art of Fighting – It is More Than Just Another Fighting Game

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Art of Fighting is played on the Neo Geo arcade system and gaming console platform in which Neo Geo is proud of their fighting games that they’ve created. Aside from KOF (King of Fighters), Art of Fighting also was a popularity fighting video game among gamers. This is an interesting game either to the simple storyline plot concept or because of the games fighting style. Ryo Sakazaki becomes the main character of the Art of Fighting game. You are able to play this character in order to find his kidnapped sister. It’s an amusing fighting game with an interesting story mode campaign. If you want to compete with your friends, you can choose versus mode. There are many playable characters including the bosses. You may find a real challenge of fighting. Overall, this game will match your desire to play this classic and favorite fighting game of the Neo Geo series.

Art of Fighting – The Characters

Perhaps you have already recognized the main Art of Fighting characters of this game, which is Ryo Sakazaki. He’s a Karate fighter who is on a mission to seek out his sister’s kidnapper. Yuri, Ryo’s sister, is being held in South Town. So who’s behind this kidnapping? There are some unlockable characters including Mr. Big and Mr. Karate. They can be played in two player mode. The primary boss in this game indeed is Robert Garcia. There are other characters including Ryuhaku Todoh, Lee, Micky Rogers, Crawley, Takuma, King, and Jack Turner. Most players love to use Ryo as their character. Perhaps it’s common sense to pick the main character in a fighting game.

Art of Fighting – The Gameplay

In the terms of gameplay, Art of Fighting remains similar to other fighting games. You can play against various opponents in some matches. Each character owns his or her special techniques and fighting styles. You can use two basic attacks including punching and kicking. You are able to throw your enemy as well. There’s the fourth button you can use for even mocking your enemy. Which is pretty hilarious to witness during gameplay of the characters taunts towards their opponent. A spirit gauge is situated under the character’s life bar. Any special moves will deplete this spirit gauge. Also, their attacks will become weaker over time. You can drain an enemy’s spirit gauge by mocking them. This game allows you to use a special attack as well as desperation attacks.

Art of Fighting 2

Art of Fighting 2 was released on February 2nd, 1994 to Neo Geo fans. SNK fighting games are dominating Neo Geo home platforms. Almost all gamers love this game and the sibling namely King of Fighters. In fact, Ryo Sakazaki had been introduced in Fatal Fury as a secret boss. There’s also the third series of this game. Yuri Sakazaki appears in the third series of Art of Fighting. Yet, she only becomes the side character. In summary, this game will be your best partner at home as you enjoy your leisure time. You will feel the real challenge by playing this game.

Art of Fighting – The Bonus Stages

You will feel the difference in the Art of Fighting bonus stages. This game has reworked its bonus stages. In one bonus stage scene, you must chop down the bottle necks of beer bottles with a single punch strike in order to improve your spirit abilities in a fight. In another set of the Art of Fighting bonus stages. If you want to increase your strength, you can try the “Ice Pillar Smash” bonus stage. If you want to receive the enlightment ability (Initial Super Death Blow), you’ll have to use the “Haow-Ken” technique a certain number of times to achieve it in another bonus stage. All of these Art of Fighting moves you must complete in a particular set of the time limits of these bonus stages. There’s also a special bonus stage that helps the main characters to learn special moves and techniques against to use against more powerful storyline fighters. Overall, the bonus stages are similar to some fighting games. Yet, it has some alterations included.

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