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Aliens Colonial Marines on the PlayStation 3 is a first-person shooter that picks up where the classic movie franchise left off. Developed by Aliens Colonial Marines Gearbox software, “Aliens Colonial Marines” lets you play the part of Space Marine Christopher Winter as he fights his way through a horde of alien killing machines. Just like the movies, this video game features a wide arsenal of Aliens Colonial Marines weapons. Players will be able to fight using rifles, shotguns, pistols and even the trademark flamethrower.

Of course, just weapons won’t be enough. In true survival horror fashion, Aliens: Colonial Marines will also put you in situations where the aliens have the upper hand – beating this video game will not be an easy task. Thankfully, the developers have put together some pretty nifty online modes that allow you to enlist your friends to fight alongside you. News flash: you’ll need the backup!

Aliens Colonial Marines Gameplay

Aliens Colonial Marines is great primarily because it understands the source material so well. There are two primary types of missions you’ll encounter while playing. Both of which are fun and reminiscent of the feeling of the original movies. Fans of the films would be wise to keep an eye on the news about this game and will have to pick up a copy. In addition to the “gauntlet” style missions in which you’ll have to fight your way from one location to another, this game will offer missions in which players will have to build and protect a stronghold against increasingly persistent alien attackers.

Aliens Colonial Marines Walkthrough

This walkthrough highlights the key elements of Aliens Colonial Marines gameplay for the PlayStation 3 as well as give you some advice that just might keep you alive for a little while longer. Specifically, and this may be news to you, but make sure you understand the difference between the different enemies you will encounter. Quick enemies like facehuggers and drones might be easier to manage with a pistol while bigger enemies like the warrior type aliens are going to require more firepower (did someone say flamethrower?).

Aliens Colonial Marines News

This may come as news to most video gamers: A game called Aliens Colonial Marines was actually developed to be released on PlayStation 2 in 2001. That game never saw the light of day, though, as it was canceled before the release. In 2006, development began on the game that is now Aliens Colonial Marines. While there are some similarities between both video games, the developer is adamant that this game has been built from the ground up.

In other news, in 2008 there was a rumor that development of the game had been delayed due to layoffs at Gearbox. That led to speculation that this game was about to be canceled again. However, after several new screenshots were shown at PAX in 2010, it was confirmed that the game was still in active development. To diehard fans, that is great news. The games release is scheduled for February 12, 2013.

Aliens Colonial Marines Release

The release is scheduled for February 2013 next year, but development history indicates that there may be an additional delay – let’s hope we don’t get any unwanted Aliens Colonial Marines news.

NOTE: this is pure speculation thus far; there are no plans to delay the games release at this time. Let’s see how it plays out with this game, but Aliens Colonial Marines gameplay on PlayStation 3 is set to be keeping you busy for hours.

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